Zack Snyder Guest Starring on Upcoming Episode of Teen Titans Go!

Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League director Zack Snyder is returning to the world of DC in an expected way. During a Cartoon Network panel at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, Snyder will be guest starring on an episode of Teen Titans Go!, which is currently in its seventh season. The polarizing director will be appearing as himself in episode 365 of the series, aptly titled “365!”, which will see the Teen Titans head to Warner Bros. to find a director to make the episode special. “365!” is set to air this fall on Cartoon Network, with an exact premiere date unknown at this time.

Snyder is largely responsible for kicking off the current era of DC films, leading the charge with Man of Steel back in 2013. The Superman reboot was the highest-grossing solo film in the character’s history, pulling in $668 million from audiences around the world. The success of Man of Steel lead Warner Bros. to give Snyder the keys to the castle, allowing the director to turn his vision into a wider universe of DC films. The results were mixed to say the least, with the 2016 follow-up Batman v Superman receiving a mixed reception despite finding financial success at the box office.

Warner Bros. initially opted to continue the “Snyderverse” through Justice League, but instead turned to Joss Whedon to drastically alter the film when a family tragedy lead to Snyder leaving the production. The results were overwhelmingly negative, causing the studio to abandon the “Snyderverse” to take a new direction with its DC properties. Snyder was able to get one last bite at the apple when his four-hour version of Justice League was released on HBO Max last year, but the director hasn’t been involved with anything DC related since then.

Zack Snyder Has Left an Indelible Mark on the DCEU

Warner Bros.

Even though his films were incredibly divisive, Snyder had an undeniable impact on shaping DC films in the 2010s. While the “Snyderverse” may no longer be a priority for Warner Bros., many of the key actors introduced in those films are still active members of the larger DCEU to this day. Gal Gadot was able to use her appearance in Batman v Superman to jumpstart the first-ever Wonder Woman franchise on the big screen, which will include a third film from director Patty Jenkins in the near future. In addition, Jason Momoa was able to launch Aquaman following his role in Justice League, with the actor returning for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom next year. The Flash is also a spin-off from Justice League, so Snyder’s fingerprints are all over the DCEU.

While another DC film from Snyder is unlikely, being featured on Teen Titans Go! is will be a fun way to pay tribute to the director’s role in the franchise. Teen Titans Go! has a clever and meta sense of humor, meaning a good deal of fun should also be poked at Snyder when he makes his appearance in episode 365.