Zac Efron On Looking For a Challenge in His Career: ‘You Have to Grow And Evolve’

Zac Efron rose to fame in 2006 as he starred opposite Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical. The actor played Troy Bolton, a popular high school athlete who joins the school musical, forming unlikely friendships. In total, Efron would appear in three High School Musical films, reprising his role for each installment. In addition, he joined the cast of the feature film, Hairspray, another musical taking place in the 1960s. Then, in 2009, Efron starred in 17 Again, playing another high school athlete who gets a chance to rewrite his life.

After a few films with similar roles early in his career, the now 34-year-old actor tells Metro he looks to challenge himself with each new project he joins. “I’m constantly faced with two paths,” he explains. “The road that leads to something everybody has already seen or is expecting, or the more challenging road, which tends to be a bit more confusing and definitely the harder road to take. And inevitably I always go with that road when I can.” He continues, saying he wants to put all of his efforts into every project, and if he can’t, it may not be worth doing. “You have to grow and evolve. This was part of something I promised myself when I was young,” he says. “If it doesn’t scare me or it’s not [making me] nervous or it’s not challenging or it’s not maybe something only I could do, or only I could figure out with 100% of my effort… is it worth doing?”


Zac Efron Has Seen a Wide Variety of Roles in His Career

Zac Efron took his own words seriously, appearing in countless roles with a wide range of characters. He’s starred in dramatic films such as The Paperboy, Parkland, and At Any Price. He’s also shown off his talent as a voice actor as the lead character, Ted, in The Lorax and Fred Jones in Scoob!. In addition, Efron portrayed Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and returned to his musical roots in 2017 with The Greatest Showman.

Next up for Efron is The Greatest Beer Run Ever, where he will play Chickie Donohue alongside Russell Crowe and Bill Murray. The AppleTV+ film follows his character as he leaves New York in 1967 to bring beer to his childhood friends serving in Vietnam. Efron spoke to Metro about the film, saying, “I love the seriousness of the subject matter. And I also love the balancing act of finding the humor and the moments of humanity in this crazy, crazy time in American history… it’s all sort of this moving puzzle that this really fun.”

Zac Efron has done a great job displaying his talent after his time on High School Musical, and everyone in Hollywood knows he has the range to tackle any role that comes his way. So look out for Efron in The Greatest Beer Run Ever when it arrives on AppleTV+ later this week, on Sept. 30.