Yellowstone Star Wes Bentley Teases What’s in Store for his Character in Season 5

Wes Bentley’s character, Jamie Dutton, has gone through a lot in the first four seasons of Yellowstone. After learning he is the adopted son of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Jamie was the first suspect on his sister Beth’s list after the climactic conclusion to Season 3, which ended with an attempt on the Dutton’s lives. During the finale of Season 4, Jamie is forced to kill his biological father after facing pressure from his sister and realizing he is behind the assassination attempt.

Now, Bentley’s character is in a difficult position as Beth catches Jamie dumping the body, with his sister “owning” Jamie from here on out. Daily Mail caught up with Bentley at the red-carpet premiere of Yellowstone Season 5, where the actor teased what’s to come from his character in the upcoming installment.


“We start at a really low point for Jamie,” Bentley says. “He’s broken, he’s lost, he’s had to kill his own father from Beth forcing him to… and I think whatever love or reconciliation he had with her is gone. He has his own hatred for her.” But, of course, Jamie and Beth have had their own problems throughout the series, as we learn Jamie is the one who made the ultimate decision that resulted in Beth becoming infertile.

“And then his dad taking the governorship… he’s a broken man with no options.” Bentley continues, “For the first time he feels check-mated and stuck under someone’s thumb for real. He realizes they’re not going to give him anything. So what does that mean for Jamie?” he asks. “How does he react to that? Is he gonna go get it or does he know his life’s in danger and he has to protect himself?”

Yellowstone Season 5 Premieres Nov. 13

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Yellowstone has been a hit with audiences and critics through the first four seasons, as the tale of the Dutton family continues to spiral out of control, with the stakes continuously being raised. The series, created by Taylor Sheridan, is coming up on the 40th episode, with no sign of slowing down.

The drama will continue to unfold as Costner’s John Dutton assumes his position as Governor, leading to the family having more power than ever. Unfortunately, just as the Yellowstone ranch is constantly under attack, fans can expect his government position to be the same. Audiences will see how the drama unfolds when Yellowstone returns for its fifth season, with the first two episodes arriving on Paramount+ on Nov. 13 before weekly releases continue for the rest of the season.

If you haven’t caught up on the rest of Sheridan’s expanding universe, audiences can tune into 1883, the prequel to Yellowstone, available on Paramount+ now. Following Yellowstone Season 5, fans can see Harrison Ford join the Dutton family when 1923, the second prequel series, arrives on Dec. 18.