Werewolf By Night Director Says There are No Moon Knight Crossover Plans Yet

Werewolf by Night has finally been revealed as premiering this October, and that has instantly ignited fan theories of a crossover with Moon Knight. However, while that could well be some kind of endgame plan for the supernatural side of the MCU, director Michael Giacchino has said that there are no “immediate” plans for the two characters to meet. While discussing the upcoming addition to the MCU, Giacchino told ET Canada:

“Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night in the comics years ago. That’s what everyone is thinking. Yeah, there’s no immediate plans for anything like that.”

Fans of Marvel Comics are already well aware of the crossover potential of the two characters, with Marc Spector’s Moon Knight making his debut in a 1975 edition of Werewolf by Night three years after the lycanthrope’s introduction. Although it seems that this is not on the cards right now, it is clear that Giacchino has not ruled out a crossover coming in the future. As we know, Marvel Studios like to drip-feed characters and coming storylines into the main narrative of the MCU, there is no doubt that we will see a supernatural super-team coming together somewhere down the line with the likes of Blade also entering the franchise soon.


Werewolf by Night Will Find a Place in the MCU After a Unique Introduction

Via Marvel Studios

Many people have been quick to dismiss Marvel shows like She-Hulk: Attorney at Law for not being as serious as some of the MCU’s epic movies like Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, in the grand scheme of Kevin Feige’s master plan, everything has its place, and certain characters are only allowed to appear when it is their time and in a format that may be different from the tried and tested MCU formula. For that reason, while some believed that Werewolf by Night could be teased in Moon Knight, Jeremy Slater previously discussed writing the Oscar Isaac-led show and how there had never been an option of bringing the werewolf into the show. He said:

“There weren’t discussions of doing Werewolf by Night per se, just because they had already had some plans for him, and Kevin [Feige] had an idea of how he wanted to use him, which I’m still not privy to. I’m as in the dark as you are.”

Since the first trailer for Werewolf by Night debuted at the weekend, it has become clear why Marvel wanted to hold off allowing the character to make his first appearance in someone else’s show. The gothic,40s horror vibes of the footage, with its clear homage to old Universal horror movies like Frankenstein and The Wolfman, having appeared in another show first, could possibly have taken away some of the impact of the brooding, black and white special that is coming to Disney+ in a few weeks’ time.

Werewolf by Night will premiere on Disney+ on October 7, while those wanting to catch up with the adventures of Moon Knight can find the whole series on Disney+ now.