Welcome to Derry Writers Room Opens as It Prequel Series Moves Forward

Writer Shelley Meals has revealed that the prequel series to It (2017) and It: Chapter Two, based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Stephen King, is well on its way for HBO Max. In a tweet, Meals revealed that the writers room for the new series, titled Welcome to Derry, has opened up. And not only did they have red balloons, but they all float down there too.

Derry is a fictional town located in Maine, as is the case with most of King’s work. Derry’s history is intertwined with It, a Lovecraftian monstrosity that is the eater of worlds and of children, though we only see It do the latter. Since the town’s foundation, It emerges every 27 years to feed on the populace, and with such a long history, there are several places an HBO Max series can go.


According to Variety, Andy Muschietti, who directed both films, will executive produce the series and direct the first episode. Other executive producers on the show are Barbara Muschietti, Andy’s sister, and Jason Fuchs, who wrote the script. While the article stated that a writers room was now open, it wasn’t until June 14th that Meals sent her tweet.

With the series writers only newly assembled, it’s presently unclear what the exact plot of the show will be. Though we know the series will be set in the 1960s, that’s about it. The series may adapt elements of the novel that the filmmakers cut from both films. Several parts from the quite lengthy novel didn’t make their way into either film.

What the Show Could Include

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One notable location that wasn’t in either film was The Black Spot, a nightclub catering to a black clientele. Dick Hallorann founded it before he became the cook at the Overlook Hotel. Eventually, The Black Spot was burned down in a racist attack as It’s cycle always ends with a horrific tragedy that costs multiple lives. The event is alluded to in an Easter Egg during It: Chapter One, but is otherwise not depicted.

Welcome to Derry could also introduce Maturin, a cosmic entity in opposition to It. He’s a turtle of enormous girth. On his shell, he holds the Earth. His thought is slow but always kind. He holds us all within his mind. On his back, all vows are made. He sees the truth but mayn’t aid. He loves the land, and he loves the sea, and he even loves a child like…the Losers Club, or Jake Chambers from The Dark Tower.

Another thing that we do know is that the show is said to include the origin story of Bob Grey, aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown. As It is a shapeshifter, It is every nightmare you ever had, your worst dream come true, everything you ever were afraid of. However, Pennywise is It’s most frequently utilized form and the one that’s synonymous with the franchise.

A question yet to be answered is if Bill Skarsgård, who played Pennywise in It (2017) and its sequel, will be back? Given how critically exclaimed his take on the character was, it would make sense for the show to bring him back, but we’ve gotten no word that Skarsgård has officially signed up yet. Will he, though? Given how, let’s say, unresponsive fandoms can be when it comes to change, it seems like the producers will at least try to get Skarsgård back in the role.