Warner Bros. Once Attempted To Limit F-Bombs In Animated Harley Quinn Series

As fans await the third season of Harley Quinn, the animated series based on the fan-favorite DC comics anti-hero, we can be sure of more of the regular mature content that’s the show has become known for. This includes a healthy dose of swearing, although as one of the series’ writers recently explained, Warner Bros. were not always happy with Harley’s frequent use of the F-word.

Harley Quinn made its debut in November 2019 and was instantly met with critical acclaim. Now heading into its third season on July 28, the series once again features the vocal talents of Kaley Cuoco as Harley, who with the help of her now-girlfriend Poison Ivy has moved on from Joker. Premiering on HBO Max rather than cable, the show uses every bit of its freedom to bring a whole world of violence, cursing, sex references and more to the animated show, so much so that it was almost too much for Warner Bros. to allow them to get away with.


Tom Hyndman works on the show as a writer and he recently revealed that the show was once given a limit on the number of F-bombs that could be used, but it soon became clear that it just wasn’t going to happen. Hyndman said:

“One time, Warner Animation gave us a “f*ck count” because we were using f*ck too much and we got annoyed and then watched the pilot again and were like, “wow, we really do use f*ck a lot”. Anyway, here’s the new trailer with a bunch of “f*cks.””

Harley Quinn’s Main Success Is From Doing What Other DC Shows Don’t

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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been strictly family-friendly up to this point, the world of DC has expanded into more mature areas in the last few years. With the R-rated Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey bringing violence and plenty of swearing to the live-action DC world, last year’s The Suicide Squad continued this trend to great effect, and this year brought spin-off series Peacemaker to HBO Max with another bout of violent mayhem, which even managed to get a sweaty cameo from members of the Justice League.

With Harley Quinn also appearing on HBO Max, there are very few regulations against what they can and can’t do, and it is clear from the new trailer that whatever reservations Warner Bros. did have in the past have been left behind long ago.

Considering the source material of many comic book characters is made for mature audiences, including many of Harley Quinn’s appearances, it is not surprising that audiences have been fully on board with the no holds barred way the animated show handles her. While there are always concerns around animated shows being aimed at adults, and superhero IPs limiting their audience by featuring mature content, it seems that Harley Quinn is a shining example for anyone looking to make an argument in favor of more adult orientated comic book series being made in the future.