Warner Bros. Black Superman Reboot Reportedly Still Alive Despite Henry Cavill’s Planned DCEU Return

With Black Adam bringing attention back to Henry Cavill’s Superman and his almost guaranteed return to the DCEU for a number of movies, there has been a question hanging over the previously announced Black reboot of the Man of Steel which is in development from J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates. According to the latest reports, the movie is still moving ahead at Warner Bros. Discovery, although how it will fit into the other DC releases already in production and those now rumored for the future is unclear.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Black Superman project is definitely not dead at the studio, although the recent activity around the reintroduction of Cavill’s fan-favorite Superman and his potential future battle with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam has raised a lot of questions about how the project can move ahead right now.

There have been no further updates on the project, other than to say it is still on Warner Bros. Discovery’s radar, so exactly where it is in development regarding scripting is not known. With there currently being a number of different versions of Batman playing out simultaneously, it could be that this project will run alongside anything Cavill is involved in over the coming years. Whether this is something that Warner Bros. Discovery will want to happen will ultimately decide how these two iterations of one of their most iconic superheroes play out on screen.

Will Black Superman Be Set In An Alternative Universe?

There is not much information known about the plans for the Black Superman project right now, but if the movie plays out while Henry Cavill’s Superman is still part of the DCEU, then it could well be that the movie will play out in another reality altogether. Considering there is already another version of Superman currently appearing in The CW’s Superman & Lois series, and the character being rumored for other upcoming projects, there could be more Supermen than ever on screen at the same time, playing out in different timelines and universes.

One thing that could lead to Black Superman is the events of next year’s The Flash. Although the main focus of The Flash always seemed to be the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman, and the potential last appearance of Ben Affleck in the role, recent reports have suggested that Cavill has recently filmed scenes for that movie. If The Flash is doubling down on its multiversal storyline, then it could be that a hint of another universe and another Superman could be included somewhere in the plot.

Of course, which direction the franchise is taken in will mostly depend on who is brought in to replace Walter Hamada after the DC Films president parted ways with Warner Bros. Discovery earlier this week. While that appointment will most likely be made very soon, it could still be a while before we find out for certain which movies on DC’s slate will and won’t make it to screen.