Vincent D’Onofrio Celebrates Men in Black’s 25th Anniversary With Throwback Image

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones smash hit Men in Black landed in cinemas 25 years ago, and while there were many fans celebrating the movie’s silver anniversary so did one of its stars – Daredevil and Hawkeye star Vincent D’Onofrio. The actor was responsible for bringing to life Edgar in the movie, a man whose body is snatched by an invading alien bug, and through some pretty gruesome special effects and make-up, D’Onofrio’s performance stands as one of the highlights to the sci-fi action comedy.

D’Onofrio took to his Twitter account, where he spent a lot of time last year denying his involvement in the MCU, and he shared some love for the movie, giving a specific shout out to director Barry Sonnenfeld and make-up artist Rick Baker. He wrote:


“I guess I donned this makeup & wig in MIB exactly 25 yrs ago today. Thanks to the great Makeup artist Rick Baker & the great director Barry Sonnenfeld we pulled it off. I owe a lot to Rick Baker for the incredible job he did & Barry for his direction&for the trust he put in me.”

Men in Black arrived in cinemas on July 2, 1997 and became an instant summer blockbuster. With the star power of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the film grossed almost $590 million and as well as hitting the right chord with the critics to land itself a 92% approval rate. The film went on to spawn two direct sequels featuring its original stars and the recent Men in Black International, with Thor: Love and Thunder stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson stepping into the lead roles in a poorly reviewed addition that barely broke even at the box office.

Vincent D’Onofrio Recently Fueled Speculation About His Marvel Future


Having made a return to the world of Marvel as Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin in last year’s Disney+ series Hawkeye. Despite spending months denying his involvement in the series, the return coincided with his Daredevil co-star Charlie Cox appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Matt Murdock.

Although Kingpin is assumed to have been killed by Echo at the end of Hawkeye, we all know that an assumed death in the MCU is pretty much not a death at all, so when D’Onofrio posted a picture of himself working out in the gym, fans once again began to speculate whether this could be in preparation to reprise his Kingpin role once again.

Although there has been no official word on whether D’Onofrio will be back in the MCU again, it seems unlikely that such a character as Kingpin would be brought back for such a small role. With news that Daredevil is now about to receive its first new series as part of the MCU, and rumors that Fisk and Murdock could face each other in the upcoming Echo series, it is pretty much guaranteed that we will not have to wait too long to see the fan-favorite villain back on screens once more.