Vince Gilligan Reveals When Walt and Jesse Return in Better Call Saul

There are just three episodes left of Better Call Saul, and while both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are confirmed to return as Breaking Bad characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the two have not yet appeared in the prequel series. All throughout Better Call Saul, various personalities from the Breaking Bad universe would show up for special appearances. Perhaps the Better Call Saul creative team had been holding onto these cameos until closer to the end to help conclude the series with that much bigger of a bang.

In any case, some fans are getting anxious to see Walt and Jesse again after ten episodes without so much as a single appearance from either. The good news for them is that it won’t be very much longer at all before pop culture’s most beloved meth cooks are back on the small screen. Per EW, Better Call Saul co-creator Vince Gilligan was present in Albuquerque for the recent unveiling of the Walt and Jesse statues that were erected in the city on Friday. He teased that the pair will be back in Monday night’s episode, which is not so coincidentally titled, “Breaking Bad.”


“Spoiler alert, everybody. You’re hearing it first; no one else knows this yet. This coming Monday night, if you happen to be watching the AMC network — and thanks to them as well — you might just see these two on the next Better Call Saul.”


If Walt and Jesse are back in the next episode, it only makes perfect sense to have it titled “Breaking Bad.” It goes back to when Bob Odenkirk first debuted as the Saul Goodman character in the second season of Breaking Bad in an episode titled, “Better Call Saul.” Of course, the episode title alone strongly suggested that Walt and/or Jesse would appear, but Gilligan’s newest comments appear to be a confirmation.

In the previous episodes of the sixth and final season, the bulk of the Better Call Saul storylines have been pretty well wrapped. What’s next is to connect the prequel to its parent series, and with Walt and Jesse coming in, this may mean we’ll be getting some scenes set in the Breaking Bad timeline. Following this, fans are also waiting to see if Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) ever pops back up in Jimmy McGill’s life again as well as what will ultimately become of Jimmy, aka Gene, following the department store heist pulled off in last week’s show.

New episodes of Better Call Saul arrive Monday nights on AMC and AMC+.