Top Gun: Maverick Soars Past The Avengers to Become Ninth-Highest Grossing Domestic Film of All Time

Top Gun: Maverick has been the movie sensation of the summer, pulling in more than $1 billion from audiences around the world. In the United States, the Top Gun sequel continues to make history as one of the highest-grossing domestic films ever released. After making its way into the top 10 a few days ago, Maverick has now edged past The Avengers to take sole position of the #9 spot on the all-time domestic box office list. Maverick has now made $623.8 million domestically, just enough to beat out the $623.3 million earned by The Avengers a decade ago.

The next major hurdle for Maverick to clear is the $650 million domestic mark, which would put the film in the same company as Jurassic World ($652 million) and Titanic ($659.3 million). At that point, the climb up the top 10 list gets a little steeper, with Avengers: Infinity War ($678.8 million) sitting at #6 and each of the top five films grossing more than $700 million. For those keeping track at home, the five highest-grossing domestic films of all time are Black Panther ($700 million), Avatar ($760 million), Spider-Man: No Way Home ($804 million), Avengers: Endgame ($858 million), and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936 million). It will be a tall task for Maverick to make its way into the top-tier group, but the sky is seemingly the limit for the film, given the way it’s performed this summer.


How High Can Top Gun: Maverick Fly?

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Since it’s been out for nearly two months, it may not seem like Maverick will have enough gas left in the tank to hit $700 million, let alone $650 million, but most of the major summer releases have already come and gone. While the next few weeks feature some bigger film premieres, none of them are expected to bow bigger than films like Maverick, Thor: Love and Thunder, or Minions: The Rise of Gru. Jordan Peele’s latest directorial effort Nope is out in theaters this weekend, but Peele has yet to have a film open north of $100 million. However, Us debuted to $71 million back in 2019, which was a major uptick from the opening of Get Out ($33 million) two years prior, which could bode well for the performance of Nope.

The only other releases this summer that could do big business are DC League of Super Pets and Bullet Train. Either of those films could have impressive opening weekends, or disappointing premieres, the latter of which could lead Maverick to continue having staying power at the box office. Paramount was confident enough to keep Maverick in theaters against much stiffer competition over the last few months, so there’s no reason why the studio would pull the film as the summer movie season begins to wane.

In its eighth week of release, Maverick dropped just 21% to pull in an additional $12 million this last weekend. While Nope is expected to make an impact on this weekend’s performance, Maverick should still be able to gross another $9 million or so, which would put its domestic total over the $630 million mark. There’s still work to do to hit $650 million, but since the film is showing no significant signs of slowing down, it should be able to have the runway to try and hit that number. $700 million would be quite an accomplishment, but at this point, it would be foolish to bet against Tom Cruise and the power Maverick has had on audiences worldwide.