Top Gun: Maverick Passes The Batman Domestically, Takes $700 Million Worldwide

Top Gun: Maverick has continued to soar up the chart of the year’s biggest movies, surpassing The Batman domestically while climbing to a global total of over $700 million. The Tom Cruise sequel has surpassed all expectation since finally arriving cinemas last month, and this weekend will jump to being the third highest grossing movie of the year so far, just around $40 million away from overtaking The Batman’s $770 global haul. Whether the film can continue to pull in the crowds and break the $1 billion is something that we will find out in the coming weeks, but there is every possibility it will end up battling Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for top spot before the summer is done.


Tom Cruise has been on quite a run of movies lately, with his Mission: Impossible franchise seeing big returns on its last outings, but no one really expected Top Gun: Maverick to be either the unanimously praised critical success or the runaway box office smash that it has proved to be in its first weeks on release. Having been delayed for two years thanks to the Covid pandemic, it seemed like perhaps the movie had been stuck in limbo for too long to be the big hit of the summer, but that all changed very quickly and now Top Gun:Maverick is about to pass Doctor Strange 2 domestically, and will become Paramount’s second biggest movie ever behind Titanic.

Top Gun: Maverick Is a Real Contender To Be The Biggest Movie of 2022.

Paramount Pictures

While it was always expected that Marvel Studios will once again dominate the top of the year’s movie charts, with all three of its releases this year expected to break the $1 billion mark, but it now looks like Top Gun: Maverick could really give the unstoppable comic book franchise competition when it comes to being the biggest hit of the year.

Top Gun: Maverick is certainly going to pass Doctor Strange 2 as the biggest domestic release of the year so far, but the huge international appeal of the Marvel movie means that Cruise’s high flying sequel is still lagging behind for now in the worldwide stakes. Additionally, both of those movies now face competition from the mighty Jurassic World: Dominion, which may not have landed with critics in the same way as Top Gun: Maverick, but has surpassed expectations this weekend on its debut.

Of course, the year is a long way from over and there are still a lot of big movies to come, including next month’s releases of Thor: Love and Thunder, another huge Marvel sequel, and Minions: Rise of Gru, which like Top Gun: Maverick has been delayed around two years due to the Covid pandemic, making 2022 one of the most interesting and tight fought cinema glory battles for a few years. Although not every movie has seen audiences flocking back to theaters, it is clear that the pandemic’s hold over the big blockbusters has passed and there are plenty of people eager to get their thrills from the big screen again.