Tom Hanks Brings Back David S. Pumpkins Once Again in SNL Appearance

It’s Halloween season, which means it’s the perfect time for Tom Hanks to return to Saturday Night Live as David S. Pumpkins. On Saturday night’s new episode, rapper Jack Harlow appeared as the host and musical guest, though he wasn’t the only celebrity to stop by. One particular sketch presented the return of David S. Pumpkins in all his glory, something many Hanks fans always love to see given the character’s multiple prior appearances. Hanks even brought along Bobby Moynihan to reprise his role as a skeleton sidekick alongside Mikey Day.

You can watch the segment below, via SNL on YouTube.

In the skit, Harlow is joined by Andrew Dismukes and Ego Nwodim as a group taking a ride through a haunted prison attraction with Kenan Thompson serving as the tour guide. They are presented with the sights of different horror icons in action, such as Michael Myers and Annabelle, but they are not the star of the attraction. That would happen to be David S. Pumpkins, who pops up with his skeleton friends hoping to bring some frights to the riders. The problem is that the character does not scare the trio in the same way as the horror movie murderers.



Hanks also appeared in another segment in the SNL episode. In the skit, Harlow plays a man who attends an AA meeting, but he doesn’t want to talk about his drinking. He instead pitches his idea for a Pixar film about talking luggage making their way back home, and the others in the group come to get on board. After pitching in their own ideas for the proposed movie, a special appearance from Hanks was used to close out the skit.

“I guess the last question is, who’s going to play the main suitcase? Our everyman, our Woody?” asks Bowen Yang, setting up Hanks to walk in a moment later to applause from the studio audience.

Hanks explains that he’s attended the AA meeting to research a role, and also that he’s an alcoholic. That’s when he’s asked by Jack Harlow what is catchphrase would be if the Toy Story voice actor were to play a talking suitcase in a Pixar movie, and after giving it a thought, Hanks ends up paraphrasing Woody.

“I guess it would be something like, ‘That really snags my zippers!'” Hanks says in a Woody-like voice.

You can stream the whole episode of Saturday Night Live on Peacock.