Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Drops Hint About Jane’s Fate Since The Dark World

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder is here, and as Chris Hemsworth promised, it is mind-blowing. As expected, the trailer’s highlight was Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher and Jane Foster’s newfound persona as the Mighty Thor. Returning to her role after almost a decade, Natalie Portman will not just be a scientist but a superheroine, fighting off villains alongside her former love interest.

But nothing has been known of her since her last appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Her character’s only reference in Thor: Ragnarok was about her breakup with Thor, which seemed to be a publicly known thing. Besides that, Natalie Portman appeared in Avengers: Endgame via archival footage. However, the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder probably dropped a subtle hint about her character’s history since her previous appearance.

In the trailer, Thor is surprised to see Jane wielding his hammer and his powers. In their awkward yet romanticizing reunion, Jane claims that it probably has been three-four years since she saw him. Thor corrects her, claiming that it has been more than eight years.

Jane: What’s it been like? Three, [or] four years?

Thor: Eight years, seven months, and six days. Give or take.

Gathering from her lack of recollection of the time she has been separated from Thor, looks like Jane was also Blipped away after Thanos snapped and ended half of the universe. On the other hand, Thor remembers the time as he probably struggled with her loss when he battled his loss against Thanos post Infinity War. Thanos’ snap resulted in the death of several high-profile figures in the MCU. Its impact was too heavy as it has been explored in WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye. And probably, Jane was among the ones who got faded away in that fight that the Avengers lost.

Jane Undergoing A Significant Transition

Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder film set Jane’s arc on a widely different course. In the movie, Jane will be battling cancer before taking on the mantle of Mighty Thor. The trailer also suggests that Thor’s relationship with Jane may take some precedence in the story, even if it doesn’t head to a full-blown romance. Thor clearly is both taken aback and flattered upon seeing Jane, while the moments they share and conversations they indulge in having a hint of reminiscing their past as lovers.

Jane Foster and Thor fell in love in the first installment, where he couldn’t return to her as he had to destroy the Bifrost to stop Loki from destroying the other realms. He then returned to her in Thor: The Dark World after she’s exposed to Aether, wherein he takes her to Asgard to save her life. However, his job as an Avenger and then his sudden departure from Earth led to their breakup. After Thanos snapped half of life out of existence, Thor underwent years of depressive living, losing his sanity and even will and hope to continue.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, the eponymous God of Thunder will transform himself and reunite with his former love to take on a new adversary. It would be lovely to see if the film taps more into Jane’s personal life as she completes her character arc by becoming the Mighty Thor. With Thor, Valkyrie, and Jane forming a trio against Gorr, Thor: Love and Thunder will head for a massive showdown.

Thor: Love and Thunder will release on July 8, 2022.