Thor: Love And Thunder Director Defends Movie’s Humor With Reference to Luke Cage Comic Panel

As well as gaining one of the lowest critics scores of the MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder has been subjected to a lot of audience criticism about the way the God of Thunder has been developed in his latest movie. While the MCU has always been known to deliver a good quip or several, the opening half hour of Thor: Love and Thunder was claimed by many to have turned Thor into a “buffoon” and a “moron.” However, this isn’t something director Taika Waititi was about to take lying down, and he responded using a comic book panel shared by a user on Twitter to defend the excessive humor of the movie.

Thor: Love and Thunder delivers a movie that many have called an “outline” rather than a full movie, with scenes jumping from one to the next, predicaments being resolved without much explanation and an generally feeling that it is a series of moments rather than one coherent story. However, the film has been pulling in the usual big audience numbers at the box office, and is likely to find itself near the top of the year’s box office chart in a few weeks.


In 2017, Thor: Ragnarok arrived and became one of the highest-rated movies of the Marvel saga, and although that film had plenty of jokes and comedic moments which dispelled the darkness of Thor: The Dark World, the fourth outing for Chris Hemsworth’s character has seemingly pushed the comedy level a little too far for some, and that has led to a lot of contrasting opinions about the movie. In response to some of these criticisms, Twitter user @HwjwhJeh shared a comic book panel and commented, “Dawg he had a dance-off with Luke Cage. Stop acting like Thor can only be one thing.” Waititi jumped on this response, replying, “Lol, YES.”

Many Aspects of Thor: Love And Thunder Have Divided Fans

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While there are moments in all movies that some fans take issue with, Thor: Love and Thunder has more than its fair share. Whether it is Russell Crowe’s Zeus accent, the jarring edits, or the running joke of screaming goats, the movie has certainly made its mark on social media for better or worse. With another Thor movie seemingly in the offing, many have now started thinking about just want that could entail and whether Taika Waititi should be the one directing it.

Of course, decisions like that are not made by fans, and although they will certainly voice their opinions both for and against, the choice of where Thor goes next is mostly going to be down to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. In recent interviews, Feige has hinted that Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor may not be the last alternative Thor that we get to see in the MCU, but following the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder, the Norse God’s next outing is clearly going to be different once again with a new dynamic and seemingly a new challenge for Hemsworth’s character to face.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently playing in theaters now.