The Rock Hopes to Bring Kevin Hart Into the DCEU

Ahead of the premiere of Black Adam, star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is looking ahead to seeing who else he could have his anti-hero meet in the DCEU. Lately, Johnson has been teasing an eventual meeting between Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s Superman, but this isn’t the only character The Rock hopes to see. He’s also looking to get Kevin Hart to join him in the DCEU as a superhero or supervillain.

In the past, Johnson has joked about battling Hart as Honky Pete in a movie. However, with all kidding aside, as Johnson tells Entertainment Tonight, he thinks Hart should have a spot in the DCEU. While not naming any specific characters, The Rock even says he has some roles in mind that Hart could play. Johnson also names Idris Elba as someone he hopes to work with in a DCEU movie.


“That’s a great question. You know, I always laugh and jokes about Kevin Hart (as) Black Adam and Honky Pete, and doing things like that. But, there’s a place for Kevin. There’s a few characters who we have in mind. I think there’s a place for Idris Elba, who’s my boy too, as well, as he could be a badass superhero. There’s also supervillains. But, to your point, when you open up that DC bible, dude, there are so many cool and exciting characters to play.”

It’s worth noting that Elba has already ventured into the DCEU as Bloodsport in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad last year. Like Johnson, Elba has also teased his character having a battle with Superman some day. With that said, it’s always possible Elba’s Bloodsport could also meet Black Adam unless he’s brought in to play a new character. The multiverse makes anything possible, after all.

The Rock Says It’s Time for New Blood in the DCEU

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The Rock went on to explain how he, along with his production company Seven Bucks Productions, have more access to characters from the “DC bible” than before. He suggests that the door is now open for them to dig deep into that world to introduce “new blood” into the DCEU.

“And I’m just happy that we, at Seven Bucks, we’ve gotten to a place now where, now we can go. We have the key. Open up that door and let’s go for it now. And that’s with all due respect to the Justice League, and the IP, and the legacy that those characters – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman – the legacy that they have, but it’s time for new blood. It’s time for new characters. It’s time to open up that bible, and time to give it to the fans.”

Before then, we’ll first see Johnson be introduced as Black Adam when the new movie Black Adam debuts in movie theaters on Oct. 21, 2022. The future of the character in the DCEU remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Dwayne Johnson is very optimistic about what’s next.