The Munsters Reboot Trailer Has Herman and Lily Looking for Love

Horror filmmaker Rob Zombie has unveiled the full trailer for The Munsters, a feature film adaptation of the original comedy series of the same name. Previously, Zombie released a brief teaser introducing his three main stars: Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, and Dan Roebuck as The Count. On Wednesday, a full trailer was released, providing more footage and delivering a good sneak peek at what Zombie has in store with the monster family. Watch the trailer below.

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The trailer touts The Munsters as the “greatest love story ever told.” We can also see that the plot centers on Herman and Lily both looking for love, which they will of course find in each other. There will be a variety of other kooky characters to meet along the way, many of which are seen in this new trailer. The footage also includes some of the jokes and gags that will be featured, showcasing the comedic vibe Zombie is delivering with the reboot.


Fans may also notice that this film is tame in comparison to other Zombie movies. That’s because the director has made The Munsters a PG-rated film, a first for Zombie. This is more in line with the original series and Zombie seems to be wanting to make a faithful adaptation. This meant keeping things lighter and more comedic without the extreme violence and excessive foul language.

Rob Zombie Reboots The Munsters With Love for the Original

When this project was first announced, Rob Zombie said it was the movie he’s been chasing for 20 years. He is a lifelong fan of the sitcom, and when he became a filmmaker, rebooting The Munsters was at the top of Zombie’s wish list. He has put in great efforts to make a very faithful adaptation, which includes having the Mockingbird Heights neighborhood built from scratch and including many characters who’d appeared in the original comedy series.

“The simple fact is, there’s not a better person in Hollywood, or anywhere else on the planet, who should be making The Munsters movie other than Rob Zombie,” Grandpa actor Dan Roebuck said of the film, via Horror Geek Life. “It’s gone through the hands of so many other people and I know Rob wasn’t just looking for something to attach his coattails to. He’s a huge fan of it and being a life-long fan approaching this material it really is as good as it gets.”

He added, “Let me put it like this, Jeff, Sheri and I are not playing Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, or Al Lewis. We are playing Herman, Lily, and The Count, which is an easier way for us to approach it.”

The Munsters will arrive in September 2022. An exact release date has yet to be revealed and it remains unclear if the film is heading to theaters or if it’s going straight to streaming.