The Boys Takes Aim at Morbius’ Painful Re-Release Failures in Satirical Tweet

If there was anyone going to take a shot at the painful re-release of Morbius in cinemas, then it was going to be The Boys. For some reason, Sony executives made the decision to bring Morbius back to theaters after the film became a constant trend on social media. While it is not unusual for the internet to play a part in some releases – such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Morbius’ reason for trending was by no means complimentary, and when the film reopened in over 1000 cinemas domestically, it scraped together just $300,000 to add to its original box office disappointment of $164 million. It didn’t take too long for The Boys to make a small reference to the movie in one of their own Twitter posts.


In their usual darkly satirical style, The Boys account shared a post for the in-world movie Dawn of the Seven, which suggested the movie was returning to cinemas and, in a parody of the “It’s Morbin Time” slogan that has become linked to Morbius, they added that “It’s Maevin Time.” Check out the post below.

In the latest hectic season of The Boys, Dawn of the Seven is a movie that, in the context of the show, has been released to tell the story of the Seven on the big screen. However, thanks to a host of production issues and rewrites, the movie was a complete mess and a flop, making it the perfect tool for The Boys to use to roast Morbius on its second abysmal theatrical run.

Morbius Failed To Cash In On Spider-Man’s Success

Morbius released just after Spider-Man: No Way Home after multiple shifting debut dates. While the marketing of the movie initially seemed to suggest that the film would have multiple links to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, when it arrived in theaters initial audiences found out that the film had actually abandoned all connections to the web-slinger but for clunky, tacked on post-credit scene featuring Michael Keaton as Vulture, who somehow found himself in Morbius’ universe thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell in No Way Home. While that in itself was a convoluted plot point, the whole thing just failed to make any impact with audiences or critics and suffered the consequences, with a huge drop in audience numbers in its second weekend.

While Sony are continuing on with their Spider-Man related universe with Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web, they are going to have to work out exactly what they want their movies to be very quickly to stop the same fate as Morbius befalling their next releases. Marvel Studios has a definite plan for their movies and cross over events, but is seems that Sony haven’t quite got the same magic touch and after promising a possible connection to the MCU’s multiverse story, they backtracked in a big way and paid the price for it. However, it is not likely that this is the last we have seen of Morbius as Sony are pressing on their with plans, and he will return in another movie somewhere down the line. We can only hope they do a better job next time.