The Boys Spinoff Gen V Teased, Vought Posts Concepts of Godolkin University

The Boys is one of the most beloved shows available on streaming, consistently improving each season and keeping audiences guessing where the series is headed next. The Prime Video show follows a group of vigilantes as they do everything they can to take down the corrupt superheroes who abuse their powers. Through three seasons, The Boys, created by Eric Kripke based on the comics from Garth Ennis, have garnered a sizable fan base. Amazon wants to capitalize on the show’s popularity by introducing a spin-off set in the same world, titled Gen V.

We’ve known about the series since July earlier this year. However, the only information audiences have gotten is a few comments by Kripke and a behind-the-scenes set video captured by a fan. Fortunately, the official Vought Twitter account, which is the fictional massive corporation in The Boys universe, posted some concepts of the redesigned student union and dorm rooms at Godolkin University. The school is presumably where Gen V will take place, offering our first look toward what we should expect with the spinoff series.


“At Godolkin University, we aim to provide a comfortable environment for a new generation of heroes to learn what they’re made of. That’s why we’re redesigning the student union and dorm rooms via generous contributions from donors. Be sure to schedule your fall donation today!,” the tweet reads.

Gen V and The Boys Will Be Interconnected

Amazon Studios

The first picture looks to be the student union, featuring posters of the Seven, including Black Noire, Queen Maeve, A-Train, Starlight, and Homelander featured in the picture. In addition, students can help themselves to Vought-A-Burger, Homelander’s Turbo Rush, and the Godolkin University Store.

The dorm room features posters of the Dawn of the Seven, the fictional movie set inside The Boys universe meant to satirize films like Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In addition, we see pennants with “God. U” across the front and action figures of Homelander and Starlight, everyone’s favorite couple in season 3 before their eventual falling out.

It seems like Gen V won’t just be a spinoff to The Boys, but it will enhance and expand the universe in interesting ways. We’ve known the show will feature crossovers from the main series, but the presence of the characters will be felt throughout the spinoff series. Even if we aren’t consistently seeing characters like Erin Moriarty’s Starlight or Antony Starr’s Homelander, fans will still get to witness plenty of posters, merchandise, and maybe even full commercials which feature the cast of The Boys. The superheroes are international celebrities, so it would make sense to hear about the events happening within the mainline series while following the cast of Gen V as they navigate through their superhero filled college. An official release date is still unknown, but audiences can expect to see Gen V hit prime video sometime in 2023.