The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke Says Season 4 Will be a Character Driven Season

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for the Season 3 Finale of The Boys Ahead:

Following the explosive finale of The Boys, fans are left waiting with an unsettling ending until Season 4 hits Prime Video. Throughout the finale, titled The Instant White-Hot Wild, significant character deaths occur, Annie/Starlight learns to fly, and Ryan seems a little too pleased when his father, Homelander, kills a protestor.

In an interview with Variety, showrunner Eric Kripke reveals a few details regarding the 4th season and what we can expect from The Boys. When Kripke is asked about his progress through the latest season, he says, “We start shooting in late August,” and assures fans that Season 4 will be “really, really emotionally rich.” His full quote can be read below.


” That’s right. That’s not a secret. We start shooting in late August. I’m starting to look at some early drafts of the first couple. We’re still early, I think right now we’re in the middle of breaking Episode 3 and I’m reading a draft of Episode 1. And even in that stage, it’s early with some heavy rewriting and we’re still in there figuring it all out. But it’s super interesting and fun and really, really emotionally rich. Probably as emotionally complicated as we’ve ever done. So far, that’s been my big takeaway. Everyone is really facing their core issues in a way that’s pretty exciting, a very character-driven season.”

This should thrill fans of the series, as we have seen the characters’ vulnerability more than ever as the seasons’ progress. With Karl Urban’s Butcher, we see his heartbreak when Ryan decides to go with his father, Homelander. In addition, we see Homelander afraid for the first time, as a supe of arguably equal strength arrives with Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. Kripke surely has a few tricks up his sleeve for Season 4, and we hope to see it sometime in 2023.

Annie January May Have the Most Intriguing Journey in Season 4

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Through the first two seasons, Annie January/Starlight (Erin Moriarty) has been America’s Sweetheart as a member of The Seven; However, in Season 3 her character saw significant changes, which will have massive repercussions in Season 4. Annie is finally out of her former superhero team and is a full-on member of The Boys. She’s no longer a double agent, and considering her live video and secret footage exposing Homelander, she may be his #1 target heading into the new season.

With Queen Maeve exiting the show, for now, Annie will be entirely on her own for the first time. Kripke commented on the new lack of mentorship, saying, “Annie can’t really grow into her own until all the characters that are around to protect her are gone.” He continues, “It was important for her next step for her mentor characters and her protector characters to go away. And it’s only up to Annie. There’s no one left but Annie. So what is she going to do?”

Fans of Annie will be eager to see where the writers take her character in Season 4, but it’s clear she will be a significant focus in the new season.