The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke Hates Shows That Rely on Filler Episodes

The Boys is one of the most popular and well-received shows currently streaming, and a big reason for that is showrunner Eric Kripke. He has managed to keep the series constantly up-to-date with current trends in media and politics and allows the series to satirize any and everything that becomes popular.

Each episode, released weekly, feels like a movie with major cliffhangers, heart-pounding action, and significant events which consistently move the plot forward. Eric Kripke talked with Vulture following The Boys Season 3 finale, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of streaming and his hatred for filler in a 10-episode series.

“Look, I love streaming. I can’t see ever going back to network. It’s the ability to do two things: have most of your scripts written before you shoot a day of film, and then have all the episodes finished before you turn them over to air. There are logistical benefits that would be impossible to give up because you can tell a coherent piece in a way you simply cannot with network TV. It’s already aired; you threw it out the door. You’re locked in. It happens all the time: We’re in the middle of filming episode seven, and we realize there’s a different story line we need. We still have time to go back and shoot it for episode one and drop it back in.”

While Kripke enjoys the benefits of streaming, he also recognizes there are drawbacks for certain creators.


“The downside of streaming is that a lot of filmmakers who work in streaming didn’t necessarily come out of the network grind. They’re more comfortable with the idea that they could give you ten hours where nothing happens until the eighth hour. That drives me [expletive] nuts, personally. As a network guy who had to get you people interested for 22 [expletive] hours a year, I didn’t get the benefit of, ‘Oh, just hang in there and don’t worry. The critics will tell you that by episode eight, [expletive] really hits the fan.’ Or anyone who says, ‘Well, what I’m really making is a ten-hour movie.’ F**k you! No you’re not! Make a TV show. You’re in the entertainment business.”

Kripke’s philosophy has paid off. Season 3 has been the highest-rated season of The Boys thus far, with expectations to compete during award season in 2023. Season 4 is currently in the works, with filming expected to begin in August.

Kripke Isn’t Shying Away From The Groups He’s Mocking

Eric Kripke has always said Donald Trump was the inspiration for his take on Homelander, and he isn’t going to back down from his claims. Following the finale of Season 3, Homelander lasers an innocent protestor who threw trash at his son. This led to cheers from his supporters and a lot of angry people on Reddit. When Kripke was questioned whether he had a problem with The Boys haters, he mentioned that the series has always been ‘woke.’

“You’re asking about the guys — or the fans — on Reddit? Suddenly suprised that the show in season three has gone woke, and it turns out Homelander and the superheroes are villains? I don’t know man. This show is a lot of things, but subtle is not [expletive] one of them.”

It’s safe to assume that The Boys will continue to hold a mirror to our current political climate, whether that’s in the main series, the animated anthology, The Boys Presents: Diabolical, or the upcoming spinoff, The Boys: Varsity.