The Blacklist Losing Two Main Characters Ahead of Season 10

WARNING: The following article contains some spoilers for The Blacklist season 9 finale “The Bear Mask.” Please proceed at your own risk.

The cast of The Blacklist has tended to consider itself a family over the course of the past nine years. But now it seems that two members of that family are leaving at the end of the show’s ninth season. According to an article from Deadline, series regulars Amir Arison and Laura Sohn are departing the procedural after the season 9 finale.

Arison has been a part of the show since the first season and was promoted to a series regular in season 2. His character, Aram Mojtabai, is the task force’s tech person, and he quickly became a fan favorite character. Sohn, on the other hand, is a relative newcomer, having only joined the show in season 7. She was promoted to a series regular in season 8.


Arison is leaving due to conflicts with his Broadway debut this summer, where he will be playing Amir in The Kite Runner. The door was left open for Arison to make sporadic guest appearances during season 10 as his schedule permits. Sohn simply stated that she is leaving to pursue other opportunities.

In a statement to Deadline, Arison said, “I have been so honored to play Aram Mojtabai for 9 years on The Blacklist. It is not lost on me how lucky I am to have been able to work and evolve with a role for 9 years with this extraordinary cast, crew, writers and producers. I could not pass up the opportunity, however, to fulfill a childhood dream of being on Broadway playing ‘Amir’ in The Kite Runner with a stage adaptation that is both breathtaking and timely. The producers, studio and network have been so supportive of my decision, and Aram remains ‘alive’ with the potential for a possible return at some point. Story-wise, it feels so organic with the events of this past season to take this step, and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

How Are They Leaving the Show?


With The Blacklist, being written out of the show tends to be quite… permanent. It’s very rare for a character to make it out of the show alive when the actor playing them leaves, whether it be leaving by choice or, as in the case of Clark Middleton, by passing away. In fact, prior to this, only Mozhan Marnò’s Savar Navabi managed to have an exit that did not involve the character dying. Although, to be fair, her exit did involve having to have a complete new identity created and to disappear completely.pending too much time in the presence of Raymond Reddington tends to not end well for people.

So how did Aram Mojtabai and Alina Park leave the show and did they make it out alive? Shockingly, the answer to that last question for both is yes. Both ended up leaving the FBI task force still alive.

After the events of the mission in the season 9 finale, the task force met at the grave site of their former team mate Elizabeth Keen. There, Aram explains that he is taking time away. He doesn’t know how long. He tells them, “My plan is no plan. I found a cool place in Brooklyn. I’m gonna go up there and just you know ride my bike, do New York, eat lots of pizza, look at the people, maybe a Broadway show. Anyway, I know we are here to talk about Elizabeth, but I’ve been wanting to tell you guys.”

Alina Park, in one of the final scenes of the episode, tells the task force that she is pregnant and that she is leaving as a result.

After 9 seasons of no happy endings, to get two people leaving without dying in one episode is a bit suspicious. But for Aram, at least, it is good that the showrunners have chosen to let his character walk away without killing him off.

The Blacklist returns for Season 10 in the 2022-2023 season.