Survivor: Everything to Know About Season 43

Get ready, Survivor fans, because the show is back for season 43 on CBS! With an excellent and diverse cast of contestants and host Jeff Probst as energetic as ever, it’s sure to be an enthralling and inspiring season run of the beloved and genre-defining series. There are some returning twists, some twists that we won’t see again, and as usual, we can expect to be surprised.

The available episode titles so far are “LIVIN,” “Lovable Curmudgeon,” “I’ll Sign the Divorce Papers,” and “Show No Mercy.” The three tribes between which contestants will be divided are Vesi (Assenmacher, Brennan, Ejere, Lambert, Lopez, and Moore), Coco (Bustamente, Carmine, Clark, Godoy, Jones, and Medrano), and Baka (Gabler, Knight, Layadi, Scott, Young, and Zheng). Here’s everything we know to expect and not expect from this season’s challenges, teases, and contestants!


Survivor Season 43: Location and Challenges


Put on your sunscreen because we are heading to Fiji with the contestants of Survival season 43! There are many returning and nixed twists and games to expect this season in the sunny and warm locale. Jeff Probst has commented about the challenges, twists, and turns we can expect to see in this season:

“Uncertainty is the only thing you need when designing a season of Survivor. It doesn’t necessarily matter if there are a lot of advantages or idols, or if the twists are new or familiar. It’s the uncertainty that keeps the players off balance. Coming off Survivor 41 and 42, we knew the players would have no idea what to expect in Survivor 43, so we factored that into our game design. Will it be the same as 42, or will it be radically different? That’s the question they will be pondering every second of every day, and the results are fun!”

We’d better expect the unexpected, then! However, we should expect to see the new hourglass twist not return. It was introduced last season after a long pandemic hiatus, wherein contestants were unhappy about the promised false-positive immunity.

Essentially, the hourglass twist allowed host Jeff Probst to lie to the contestants, which some felt threatened the game’s integrity. Probst assures us that it won’t be back for season 43, and neither will the Do-Or-Die twist, which involved the complex selection of survival boxes to be used throughout the night while in the jungle.

Survivor Season 43: Contestants and Jeff Probst’s Updates


A first look teases Jeff Probst kick-starting a hefty crate challenge, wherein male-identifying contestants in each tribe of Baka, Coco, and Vesi run into the jungle, untie various heavy crates about their own size, heave them onto their shoulders, and run them back out to the beach. Their respective partners then must run out into the ocean, swim to long boats stacked high with other massive crates, and swim and drag them back to the shore. What the challenge consists of from there is not revealed.

In sum, there’s a lot of running, heaving, sweating, huffing and puffing, and generally, things that you don’t associate with this season’s gorgeous and warm tropical location. The first look shows that, in this particular challenge, Tribe Baka has the lead.

Jeff Probst has so far led us onto the fact that every contestant this year, we will love. This year’s contestants notably include a diverse roster of people from all backgrounds and abilities. First up is Karla Cruz Godoy, an educational project manager from San Diego who believes that her economically challenged childhood has made her scrappy and great Survivor material. Sami Layadi is a pet cremator from Las Vegas and the youngest player this season. Noelle Lambert, a U.S. Paralympian from Londonderry, New Hampshire, wants to inspire and motivate viewers with her strength and determination. Cassidy Clark is a designer from Plano, Texas, just starting her life out of college. Dwight Moore, a grad student at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, is passionate about interviewing people. Jesse Lopez is completing a political science Ph.D. from Venice, California, who transformed his life as a youth and now studies how people vote. Geo Bustamante is a project manager from Miami, Florida, about overcoming insecurity.

Next, we have Justine Brennan, who works as a cybersecurity Salesperson in Marina del Rey, California, and she loves a good challenge. Mike Gabler from Houston thrives in his high-stakes work in operating rooms. Cody Assenmacher works in elevator sales in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is an adrenaline junkie. James Jones works as an event planner in Philadelphia and grew up playing competitive chess. Jeanine Zheng is a UX designer from South Hampton, Massachusetts, and proud creative. Lindsay Carmine is a pediatric nurse in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, who thrives in chaos.

Finally, we have Owen Knight, a college admissions director in New Orleans and a longtime fan of the show. Ryan Medrano is a warehouse associate and personal trainer in El Paso, Texas, and has overcome being born prematurely with cerebral palsy. Morriah Young is a performing arts teacher in Philadelphia who is enthusiastically bright and colorful. Nneka Ejere is a pharmacist in Weatherford, Texas, originally from Nigeria, who is proud of her smile and is deeply honest. And Elizabeth Scott is a clinical psychologist in Salt Lake City who knows her training will come in handy on the show.

Release Date

Survivor season 43 premieres on CBS at 8/7c on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. We can’t wait to sit calmly on our couches and watch all these talented and incredible people get the workout of their lives!