Superman Fans Are Stoked Following Rumors of Black Adam and The Flash Appearances

Speculation about the future of the DCEU’s Justice League has been increasing over the last few months following a number of changes at Warner Bros. Discovery, the seeming disbanding of the DCEU as it was, and moving on to something new. In the midst of this, the question of Henry Cavill’s possible return as Superman has been a constant among his many fans, and the imminent arrival of Black Adam, some alleged leaked footage, and plenty of Twitter comments have seen this reach new heights, including suggestions that Cavill could even have been filming new scenes as Superman for The Flash.


Of course, this kind of thing always comes with a certain amount of “ok, ah-ha” until it is actually made official by WBD, but there has certainly been a significant increase in chatter about the possible return of Cavill’s Superman, possibly in a post-credit scene of Black Adam. The most recent rumors have moved on from simply saying that Cavill will show up, but leaked footage supposedly included John Willians’ Superman score in the scene, and will see Superman say, “We need to talk, Black Adam.”

Again, there has been no confirmation of this, but it has certainly stoked fans, who have been flooding social media with celebrations at just the possibility of Superman’s return. In many ways, his appearance in Black Adam would make a lot of sense, as it would tie Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero to the DCEU, give some gravitas to Johnson’s comments about Black Adam coming to “change the hierarchy of the DCEU,” and set up some kind of endgame for Cavill’s time as the Man of Steel.

Fans Have Been Further Boosted by Reports of Superman Joining The Flash

DC Films / Warner Bros. Pictures

While any rumors are immediately jumped on by fans and spread far and wide, in addition to plenty of activity around Black Adam, the addition whispers that Cavill has been added to The Flash at the specific request of Dwayne Johnson. With The Flash seemingly acting as some kind of pivot for the franchise, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton already reprising their Batman roles, Ezra Miller’s DCEU future in doubt beyond the movie, could it now also feature Cavill’s Superman in the already-packed plot?

The Flash has already had some early test screenings that have been resoundingly positive, but there have been no previous suggestions of Cavill appearing in the film. Having said that, though, the actor has previously said that he is under contract for one more appearance in the role, and this may well be it. Factoring in how the future of the DCEU appears to be turning in favor of centralizing its axis around Johnson’s Black Adam going forward, it is not surprising that all of these rumors have fans in a frenzy.

We are now only a couple of weeks from Black Adam premiering in theaters on October 21, when Superman fans are either going to be very happy or sorely disappointed.