Stranger Things’ Eddie Actor Says He Can’t Take Credit for the Character’s Popularity

Stranger Things may have continued to have the same central characters from the first season, but with every new season, new faces have been introduced and immediately taken into the fold. Season 4 has continued the trend by adding Eddie Munson into the mix, but actor Joseph Quinn explained that he can’t really take all the credit for the instant popularity of the character as he just played him exactly as he was written.

Eddie Munson arrived in the first episode of Stranger Things’ fourth season as the leader of The Hellfire Club, a D&D gaming group that includes Dustin and Mike. While there was every possibility his character could have ended up being a new Billy, but the end of the episode Eddie was clearly no threat. As the season continued, Eddie’s character became a fully-fledged member of the Stranger Things crew and have gained himself a huge fan following. However, while talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Quinn said that it has been a relief to see the reaction to Eddie, but he has the writers to thank. He said:


“It’s a relief, really. I think doing something like this that’s established already, you’re this kind of new cog in the machine. You don’t want to be the one who makes everything fall to pieces. So, it’s very gratifying to know that people have been so accepting and welcoming to Eddie. It means a lot. I really don’t think I can take that much credit for it. It was just so brilliantly written and the dialogue is so vivid. I definitely tried to bring some of my own ideas to Eddie, and they were very encouraging for me to improvise. And yes, some of that’s made in, which I’m very happy about and grateful for. But, I think the writers and directors — he is their creation, and I was just lucky enough to kind of help them.”

Stranger Things Season 4 Releases Its Final Two Episodes In July

The first part of Stranger Things’ fourth season consisted of seven episodes, but had a runtime of more than 9 hours, longer than any other season of the show and that is without factoring in almost four hours more to come on July 1. With every episode being at least double the length of those in season 1 to 3, there was a question over whether the extended length would be a good or bad thing. That has pretty much unanimously been answered in the wave of positive reviews for what the Duffer Brothers have done so far.

According to Quinn, it was tough to get through the extended shoot, but seeing the results out there and knowing that there is still more to come has made it worth the work. He said:

“It’s satisfying about Volume One coming out because obviously we’ve been sitting on it for ages, and it was a tough shoot. It was 300 shoot days, but we really rallied around the fact that the scripts were so brilliant, and we were really galvanized to do the best we could. I think what’s really gratifying is the fact that people have really responded to it, they’ve gone with the long-running times, and they are being patient for Volume 2. So, I think we’ve earned that trust. And I really think that we’re going to exceed people’s expectations with Volume 2. People will really enjoy what the Duffers have in store.”