Stranger Things Day Delivers Brand New Behind-the-Scenes Images

Stranger Things Day arrived today, celebrating the day that the popular Netflix show’s first episode took place, November 6, 1983. Of course, that was also the day that Will Byers was stolen away to the upside down by Vecna, so maybe celebrate isn’t quite the right word for it, but a reason for fans to celebrate is that it means Netflix has a few surprises and reveals to make, starting with some new images from behind the scenes.

Stranger Things 5 is coming in the next couple of years, but with the Duffer Brothers having only just begun work on the script for the series finale there is going to be a long wait for fans who have followed the show over the last several years. Now it looks like things are going to come full circle for the final season, with Will’s connection to the upside down expected to take center stage once again.


Going into the final season, many of the cast members who started the Stranger Things journey are all still there for the end. Whether there they will all make it out alive is another matter, as the Duffer Brothers have been on the end of some criticism for not killing off any fan favorites throughout the first four seasons. Although there are plans in place for at least one spin-off show, it seems almost certain that there will be tears and some emotional farewells to come in the final episodes of the series.

Is Will About To Become The Villain of Stranger Things?


The Duffer Brothers have given no indication of how Stranger Things will come to its conclusion, but there are plenty of signs that Will Byers is about to step out of the shadow of Eleven to become a main character once again. With Vecna seemingly now released from his physical body and the upside down bleeding through into the real world of Hawkins, Will seems like the perfect choice of body for Vecna to possess in order to continue his murderous intent. That is something that could well lead to a devastating showdown between Will and Eleven. While it would be safe to assume that good will win over evil in that final battle, the cost of that victory is something that is not as certain.

One person who will certainly be sad to see the series end is Millie Bobby Brown, who doesn’t know how her character will finish the finale season, but is well aware that it will be a sad goodbye, even if it allows her to pursue other projects. She previously said:

“It has been a huge part of my life, and it will be sad for the most part, but there is an inkling of me being able to finally let go of her, and being able to free up some of my schedule to be able to tell some stories of my own.”

Seasons 1-4 of Stranger Things are streaming now on Netflix.