Steven Yeun Shuts Down Possibility of The Walking Dead Return

After eleven seasons, The Walking Dead will soon be coming to an end, but the franchise will continue on with various spinoffs in the works at AMC. One such spinoff is Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series that tells a different story with each episode. The format of the show makes it possible for characters who’d previously been killed off on The Walking Dead to return in new flashback stories. But fans shouldn’t count on an appearance from Steven Yeun as Glenn.

During the first six seasons, Yeun’s Glenn was one of the show’s most popular characters. He was controversially killed off at the start of season 7 along with Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham Ford, and the moment marked a turning point in the show’s success, as millions of viewers immediately stopped watching the series following this episode. Ratings only continued to fall from there, as for so many fans, the show just was not quite the same without Glenn.


Some fans might be hoping for Glenn to return in an episode of Tales of the Walking Dead, or perhaps in a flashback scene for one of the other shows in the franchise. That’s very unlikely to happen, however, as Yeun is not interested in returning to that walker-infested world. Recently appearing on Conan O’Brien’s Conan Needs a Friend podcast, Yeun explained how he’d feel like a “hack” if he revisited that role, noting how that door is not only closed, it is “barricaded” shut… and he’s grateful for it.

“The police voice in my head said, ‘If you do it again, you’re a hack.’ So, I don’t do it again. I cringe… Those are the blessings I think I’ve got in my life. An absolute door shut. There’s not like a crack in the door. It is slammed shut, and barricaded.”

The Walking Dead Will Live On Through Spinoffs

The Walking Dead Season 11

Glenn’s long gone, but the love of his life lives on in the Walking Dead universe. Lauren Cohan is still going strong as Maggie after joining The Walking Dead in its second season. While The Walking Dead will end with its current eleventh season, there will be more to see of Maggie, as Cohan will co-star with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in another spinoff series. Dubbed Isle of the Dead, that spinoff will follow Maggie and Morgan’s Negan, Glenn’s murderer, as they visit New York during the zombie apocalypse.

Another spinoff series will follow Norman Reedus on the road as fan favorite Daryl Dixon. Originally, the series was intended to have Melissa McBride co-star as Carol Peletier, but changes were made when she was unable to relocate for filming. It’s still possible more of Carol could be seen in the future, but the plan is for Daryl to star in his own spinoff separate from Isle of the Dead with Cohan and Morgan.

Of course, Tales from the Walking Dead will tell more stories in this world with both new and familiar characters. A feature film starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes is also in development, though progress on the project has been slow. In any case, this franchise isn’t dying anytime soon, even with the main series ending its run.