Static Shock Movie is Still in Works, Writer Assures

It looks like we will still get a Static Shock movie set in the DC Extended Universe. After Warner Bros. merged with Discovery, the new management shook up the DC Films division by canceling several projects, including Batgirl, and changing the release schedule. And as the cancelation took effect, there were concerns about the status of other in-development projects at DC Films, including Static Shock. However, Static Shock writer Nikolas Draper-Ivey has positively updated the film’s status. Due to several speculations about the film, the creator took to Twitter and urged fans to be patient while discarding any article or new piece about Static Shock’s cancelation.


Static Shock will supposedly follow Virgil Hawkins’ version of the superhero Static, who gains electromagnetic powers after being doused with an experimental chemical. It was during the DC Fandom 2020 when the studio revealed that a Static Shock movie was in development at DC Films. It was when DC Extended Universe was pushed into a massive strategic change. Michael Davis, Denys Cowan, and Reginald Hudlin were brought on board to handle production, while Michael B. Jordan later joined the project with his company Outlier Society. At the time, the film even found a writer in Randy McKinnon, who remains attached to the project.

The project, however, is still at pause. There have been no significant updates on the film’s progress, and there are no reports of any director attached to the project. Currently, the final film in the franchise is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, while Blue Beetle is the only new origin movie confirmed to release in 2023.

Can Static Shock Make Way for Michael B. Jordan’s Superman?

Michael B. Jordan is currently attached to three DCEU projects, including Static Shock. The other two projects include a potential Val-Zod series he will produce jointly. Besides these two, Jordan has also expressed his interest in portraying an African-American version of Superman in a possible Man of Steel sequel. The project is currently in the early stages of development, with J.J. Abrams creatively controlling it.

If Static Shock sees the light of the day and finds a theatrical release, the studio might get him on board for further collaborations on Val-Zod for HBO Max and a possible revival of his Superman movie. It’s a long shot, and Jordan, with his busy schedule, may not just hop in on DC Films soon. Meanwhile, the franchise is again going through a strategic change. It will take a new shape as a cinematic universe soon, based on a model similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which further clouds the progress of Static Shock at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Static Shock is currently without a date, and there is no telling whether the film will find a place in the newly announced ten-year plan of DC Extended Universe. But given the character’s popularity, Virgil Hawkins may soon become a part of the DCEU.