Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Features Lower Decks Crossover

During the Star Trek Universe panel hosted by lifelong Trekkie Lea Thompson, which took place Saturday, July 23, 2022, in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, it was revealed that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season two would feature an episode that crosses over with the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks.

The ten-episode first season of Strange New Worlds began being released on Paramount+ beginning in May 2022, and it quickly rose to the top of many Trekkie’s “Best of” lists. Featuring the crew of the USS Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), the show has gained acclaim for its hopeful tone and episodic structure.

Meanwhile, the third season of the animated comedy Lower Decks will make its debut on Paramount+ beginning on August 25th, 2022. The show was created by Mike McMahan (Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites), and it follows the crew of the California-Class Cerritos. Given that Lower Decks takes place more than one hundred years later on the timeline than Strange New Worlds, it seems likely that time travel is likely to be involved in the episode’s story.


The crossover episode will be directed by Number One himself, Jonathan Frakes. According to a Tweet by McMahan, the episode will feature the “ensigns on the Enterprise,” suggesting that we will see the Lower Decks appear in live-action. Given that Tawny Newsome (Ensign Beckett Mariner), Jack Quaid (Ensign Bradward Boimler), Noël Wells (Ensign D’Vana Tendi), and Eugene Cordero (Ensign Samanthan Rutherford) all have live-action acting experience, this decision makes sense.

More Trekking to Come


In addition to the hints about the crossover with Lower Decks, the cast of Strange New Worlds did offer some additional hints about what’s to come when the second season arrives in 2023.

According to Christina Chong (La’An Noonien-Singh), the second season will feature some “over the top” episodes. Meanwhile, Ethan Peck (Spock) said that viewers could expect to see the half-Vulcan wrestling with his human side in the second season.

Plus, after making his debut in the first season finale, Paul Wesley will be returning to the role of James T. Kirk. However, he said that viewers should expect to see a “different side of Kirk.” This makes sense, given that in “A Quality of Mercy,” we saw a future and parallel version of the seminal Starfleet captain.

The first season of Strange New Worlds and the first two seasons of Lower Decks are currently available for streaming on Paramount+.