Star Trek: Discovery’s Michelle Paradise Is on Location in Toronto

Let’s fly! Following the peaceful negotiations with Species Ten-C and the dismantling of the Dark Matter Anomaly, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and the USS Discovery crew headed back to Earth to be congratulated for their success by none other than Stacey Abrams, who played the President of United Earth, leaving fans with questions about what’s next for the Discovery crew and Federation. But luckily, Star Trek: Discovery seems to be gearing up to film the next season so that all of your burning Trekkie questions can be answered.

On Monday, June 6, 2022, Discovery co-executive producer Michelle Paradise tweeted a photo of Michael Burnham’s captain’s chair, stating that she was back in Toronto, where the series films. Paradise said, “Hello, Toronto‚Ķ. #StarTrekDiscovery,” indicating that the fifth season of the show is now in production. See the tweet below:


Discovery is mainly filmed at Pinewood Toronto Studios in Toronto, Canada, so that the series can take advantage of the location’s multiple sound stages and production rooms. Additional filming for the series takes place around Ontario, Canada, including at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto to portray the Vulcan Science Academy, as well as the Stelco steel plant in Hamilton, Hilton Falls Conservation Area, and Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, Scarborough Bluffs, and the disused Kingston Penitentiary.

Star Trek: Discovery Created 4,199 Jobs in Ontario

Photo Cr: Michael Gibson/Paramount+ (C) 2021 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

After just two seasons of filming in Ontario, the Motion Picture Association of Canada declared that Star Trek: Discovery was “on an economic mission for Ontario.” By 2019, the series had spent more than CA$257 million (US$202 million) in Ontario and created 4,199 jobs for local crews and labor. In addition, each season of production supported over 100 Ontario-based businesses. The MPA report states that:

In Season 1 alone, the production spent over $145.6 million; including more than $81 million on local crew and labor. Over 158 businesses from more than 39 communities across Ontario benefited from over $64.5 million spent on the purchase of goods and services including catering, hotel rooms, vehicle and equipment rentals, furniture and clothing retailers, cleaning and alterations, storage, audio/video service and more.

When speaking about the economic impact of Discovery filming in Toronto, the Executive Director & CEO, DGC Ontario, Bill Skolnik, said, “It’s a testament to the talent in this city that CBS chose Toronto as home to their flagship franchise: Star Trek. With members of DGC Ontario, CBS found an innovative, ambitious crew and inventive, highly experienced directors, production designers, and creative teams at a superior artistic level. The breakthrough scope of Star Trek: Discovery is Ontario at its finest, delivering the biggest shows in the galaxy.”