Spider-Man and Daredevil Will Provide ‘Street-Level’ Heroes In MCU, Says Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios told a very intergalactic story with the Infinity Saga, and while that is set to continue with The Multiverse Saga, there is also a conscious effort to bring some of the storytelling of the MCU back to “street level.” According to Kevin Feige, that real side of the MCU will be led by Spider-Man and Daredevil, and we have already seen some of this street-based drama coming from last year’s Hawkeye.

Among the many Marvel reveals during SDCC on Saturday, a new 18-part Daredevil series was announced for 2024, and the character was also shown to be making his superhero return in She-Hulk after Matt Murdock made his MCU debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home. In a subsequent interview with MTV News, Kevin Feige answered a number of questions about exactly how certain aspects of Phases 4, 5, and 6 of the MCU will play out, and that included breaking down where some of the characters sit concerning each other. While Doctor Strange and Blade will inhabit a supernatural corner of the MCU, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Eternals hold the cosmic side, and then there are the street-level stories. Of these, Feige said:


“We’ve got the street-level with the announcement of Daredevil and of course, Spidey going into the street-level heroes.”

There have been a number of rumors about the future of Daredevil in the MCU, and while it was known that there would be a new series starring Charlie Cox, no one was really expecting an 18-part series to be announced on Saturday. In addition, it seems that Daredevil’s presence will be felt much earlier than the series 2024 debut, with the character appearing in full superhero mode in She-Hulk and reportedly Echo.

Daredevil is Being Established Quickly in the MCU

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Since the first rumors of Daredevil joining the MCU surfaced last year in the months leading up to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox’s character has had a speedier integration than many other legacy characters. While there have been plenty of rumors about Jessica Jones potentially making her MCU debut in She-Hulk and Echo, Daredevil’s She-Hulk reveal in the new trailer surprised many.

Rumors of Matt Murdock possibly appearing in the show, given the law connection, have been coming and going for a while now, but it would seem that it will actually be Daredevil’s debut that will happen in the series instead. With She-Hulk being touted as an all-out comedy series though, there is a lot of speculation as to how the tone of Daredevil will come across in the show.

Of course, many fans are hoping for Daredevil Born Again to get a TV-MA rating when it arrives in 2024, but he is clearly going to be toned down for She-Hulk, which is aiming at the usual family-friendly audience. With only a few weeks until She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premiere’s on Disney+, there is not too long to wait for Daredevil’s true MCU debut.