She-Hulk’s Fourth Wall Breaks Aren’t Just for Comedy, Director Says

“I’m not proud of this.” She-Hulk’s Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) turns to the camera, addressing the audience and breaking the fourth wall in the latest trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series. This is significant for the show and the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall, as no other project within the MCU has addressed the audience in this way.

Of course, another Marvel character notorious for this is Deadpool, who constantly breaks the fourth wall and cracks jokes directly to viewers. Deadpool 3 is currently in the works and will be the first R-rated film to make its way to the MCU. The previous two films were action/comedies, which may correlate directly to She-Hulk. In December 2020, Kevin Feige said the series would be the first sitcom-style, half-hour legal comedy set in the Marvel universe. This may be a precursor to the forthcoming Deadpool style of films, preparing audiences for laughs and plenty of fourth-wall-breaking anecdotes.


During an interview with IGN at San Diego Comic-Con, co-director Kat Coiro spoke about the decision to do something new and said there are some ‘big surprises coming regarding the fourth wall.’

“I think breaking the fourth wall asks a lot of questions that I hope we get to answer for you in the show. So I just don’t want to give too much away. But it’s very fun, it’s very cool.”

Breaking the fourth wall does pose interesting questions for Walter’s involvement in future MCU projects. Would she continue to do so in a team-up movie with other superheroes and avengers? Would this type of comedy have a place in, for example, the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars? We see her character acknowledge the audience with Bruce Banner/The Hulk, and he looks confused, unaware of who she is talking to. We will have to wait and see how Coiro and Maslany incorporate this aspect into She-Hulk when the series reaches Disney+ next month, Aug. 17th.

Tatiana Maslany Believes the Breaks Have a Deeper Meaning

Marvel Studios/Disney+

Tatiana Maslany had a lot of fun doing something new with She-Hulk, and told IGN the hyper-awareness of her surroundings represents ‘a woman moving through the world.’

“You have to be so conscious of the systems that you’re in, and you are just so aware of how it is when you’re walking down the street, who’s there, [and so on]. That kind of hyper-awareness in a lot of ways feels like her superpower and I think that’s fun. And also, it’s a great way to bring the audience in. They already jump into the universe of the MCU but to be like, ‘hey, I know, I see you coming in so let’s go together’ is kind of a fun thing.”

Fans are eager to discover how breaking the fourth wall will merge into the series and its explanation when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law releases on Disney+ next month, Aug. 17th.