She-Hulk Rumored to Introduce Obscure Marvel Villain

While Marvel Studios may have released a full trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, there is still not a great deal known about the upcoming Disney+ series. For that reason, rumors are still abound as to what may or may not happen in the series. In a new report by Cosmic Circus, it has been suggested that an obscure character called Porcupine could feature somewhere in the series. The character, a mad scientist who wears a special suit made of quills, was originally featured in a 1963 issue of Tales to Astonish and was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck. He has appeared in other iterations since, but if the report is to be believed, then he may be making a screen debut in She-Hulk’s series.


She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is set to be released in August and will introduce Jennifer Walters, an attorney in her 30s who is involved in a near-fatal car accident and receives a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner. Thanks to this, Jennifer is suddenly finding herself turning into a green giant just like cousin Bruce.

As she adjusts to her new powers, her path will cross with some familiar faces from the MCU such as Tim Roth’s Abomination and Benedict Wong’s Wong, as well as a new arrival in villain Tatiana played by Jameela Jamil. In addition to that, there are the usual fan and industry rumors that everyone from Howard the Duck to Daredevil could turn up at some point, but just like Porcupine, it is likely we will have to wait until August to find out how many of these appearances actually happen.

She-Hulk’s Design Reveal Has Split Fans

Like every new character to arrive in the MCU, fans have had a strong opinion about She-Hulk’s appearance being finally revealed in the new trailer for the show. While a lot of complaints have been around the CGI of the character, which some called out as being “too cartoony” and not quite as perfect as we have been used to in the MCU, the other complaint has been that Jennifer Walters’ green giant appearance just doesn’t have the muscle it should.

This has led to plenty of online discussions about the character and how she will be portrayed in the series. For the record, while some more recent comic book iterations of She-Hulk have been almost as muscle-bound as the Hulk himself, the original version of She-Hulk co-created by Stan Lee was almost identical to the way she has been rendered in the trailer.

Of course, there are still a few months until She-Hulk arrives on Disney+, and in that time there could be work done on the final appearance of Jennifer Walters. With many Marvel shows on Disney+ having worked right up to the wire to complete episodes, with Loki’s finale only being finalized halfway through the series, it is likely that there will be many people still adding additional touches to the look of the show. Many will be watching closely in August to see whether this is the case, or whether the initial gripes about the character still stand.