Seth Rogen Says His Mom Emailed a Studio Head to Greenlight his Movie, But Found Little Success

Seth Rogen has paved a successful career in Hollywood over the past two decades. The 40-year-old actor starred in countless comedies since his rise to fame in 2007’s Knocked Up, including Superbad, Pineapple Express, and This is the End. Now, Rogen is continuing his success with 2016’s Sausage Party, as he recently announced Sausage Party: Foodtopia, a new comedy series currently in the works for Prime Video.

The actor seems to find success anywhere he turns, as audiences continue to fill theaters during his movie premieres. However, Rogen recently revealed he had trouble with one of his scripts and had his mom email a studio head to try and get the green light. The actor appeared on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he shared his unfortunate story.


“My mother I guess had the email. She asked me what I’m doing and I had been writing a movie with my partner, Evan [Goldberg], for years. She read the script and she really liked it, and we kept not hearing if they were going to make it. And then she called me one day and she’s like, ‘Somehow I have the email of the head of the studio. I’m going to email him to tell him to make your movie.’ And I was like, ‘Okay, go for it.’ Honestly, like, I’ve always heard nepotism is a big thing in Hollywood. I’ve never gotten to participate in that in any way. And so I thought, ‘Yeah, email the head of the studio.’ And she did and it did not work.”

Rogen has frequently collaborated with Evan Goldberg, working on projects such as The Interview, The Night Before, Sausage Party, and Superbad. Unfortunately, the actor didn’t give further details regarding when this took place or what project the pair were working on at the time. As a result, audiences may never know which script failed to come to fruition for the actor, though fans have plenty of movies to enjoy in its place.

Seth Rogen Displays his Dramatic Talent in The Fabelmans

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Seth Rogen has widened his range with some recent projects, including his work in An American Pickle, The Twilight Zone, and Pam & Tommy. However, no role may be as significant as his part in the upcoming Steven Spielberg film, The Fabelmans. The project is a rough interpretation of the filmmaker’s early life, with Rogen set to play Bennie Loewy.

He’s the honorary uncle to Sammy Fabelman, the character representing Spielberg in the upcoming project. The movie is a drama through and through, following Sammy as he grows up in post-World War II era Arizona. The film will depict the Fabelman family and Spielberg’s aspirations to become a filmmaker in his adolescence before discovering a shattering family secret.

Rogen stars alongside Michelle Williams, Gabriel LaBelle, Paul Dano, and Judd Hirsch in the project, which is sure to garner attention this award season. The Fabelmans arrives in theaters later this month, premiering on Nov. 23.