Servant Season 4: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

M. Night Shyamalan is a man of mystique, a storied director with three decades in the entertainment industry. While Shyamalan’s first work dates to 1992, 1999 would be his breakout year. It would be the year he would earn critical acclaim for his film The Sixth Sense. However, this was only the beginning for Shyamalan. Following the Sixth Sense, he would produce other stellar works such as Unbreakable Signs, Lady in the Water, Split, and Glass, making him the director to watch. He left a one-of-a-kind imprint on whatever he touched.

For years, Shyamalan focused most of his creative power on big-screen content with wide acclaim. But in 2015, the talented director shifted his focus to television, undertaking Wayward Pines, a mysterious science-fiction piece. The initial success of the series proved that Shyamalan not only had a talent for big-screen productions. In addition, he was an all-around master of storytelling. However, it would be four years before the filmmaker sat back in the director’s chair for another venture into tv, which was not unexpected.


This time, he would team up with Tony Basgallop for the 2019 premier of the supernatural horror-thriller Servant. The show was no fly-by-night idea, as Shyamalan had strategically planned out a vision. According to the inspired director, he envisioned a six-year run. And as it stands, things seem on course as the show heads into season four.

What Is the Show About?

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Servant is a multilayered tragic but horrifying tale. It offers a perspective on mourning that had never been explored. This series tells the story of a successful, career-driven woman named Dorthy Turner. Unfortunately, her world crumbles when she suffers a devastating loss. The loss catapults her down a twisted hole breaking something in her, notably her ability to decipher reality for fiction. Her grief is consumptive. Her grief takes on a life of its own, threatening to swallow her and her family whole.

In fact, her loved one’s inability to bring her back from the edge unlocks the door for something darker to enter. The intertwining of an unraveling mind and frantic family dynamic makes for one complex ride replete with intrigue. And thankfully, with this series, there was no need for anxiety over dropped conclusions. Servant was renewed for a season 2 well before season one aired. Shyamalan announced the news on November 22, 2019, six days before its November 28 premiere.

Over the years, Servant built up a loyal following, and the growing intrigue for the narrative eventually led to a season three renewal. Thus, the gripping series returned in January 2022, concluding in March. By the season’s conclusion, it was clear that the twists kept viewers on the edge of their seats and craving for much more. And since the season three finale, fans have lied in wait for confirmation of the series’ return.

Servant Season Four: The Plot

Season four will pick up where season three left off. For those familiar with Servant, tensions are at a fever pitch. The Turners have found themselves in quite a bind. Mrs. Turner struggles with methods to excise Leanne without losing baby Jericho. But her efforts have fallen short. It has become more apparent to Dorthy that Leanne has an unbreakable and somewhat supernatural tie to Leanne and the rest of her family.

However, one last ditch effort to exercise her will has disastrous results. Leanne’s influence has become more prominent. And the stronger Leanne grows, the more evident it becomes that her dark power is a more significant threat than anyone had imagined. Summarily, everything is at stake, the fate of the Turners and possibly many more.

Unfortunately, the season four plot has yet to be confirmed. But it is with hopes the last season will tie up the fraying ends. However, Shyamalan has a penchant for open endings. And given his original concept design, fans probably will get a different answer than they are hoping for. Who knows what season four twists and turns viewers might see? But that is M Night’s signature and much of what draws endearing fans to his work.

Servant Season Four: The Cast

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Per the casting announcement, the series regulars will return to reprise their roles. Lauren Ambrose will return as the neurotic Dorothy Turner. Toby Kebbell will reprise his role as the aloof but talented chef and spouse of Dorothy, Sean Turner. Rupert Grint will be back to fulfill the part of Dorothy’s train wreck of a brother, Julian Pierce. And Nell Tiger Free will come back to terrorize in her seasoned portrayal of Leanne.

Release Date

The Apple studio teaser trailer provides a juicy bit to rev up fans for the upcoming release. And it’s enough to elicit a fair amount of excitement for January 13, 2023, premiere. Sadly after the premiere, viewers will have only three months and ten episodes left of the dramatic series. Servant’s projected finale date is March 17, 2023.