Scoob! Holiday Haunt Has Been Finished Despite Its Release Getting Canceled

Even if fans may never get a chance to see the animated prequel, post-production has been completed on Scoob! Holiday Haunt. First announced in 2021 following 2020’s release of Scoob!, the follow-up film brought back director Tony Cervone as a co-writer and producer to explore more of the adventures of Mystery Inc. with a festive holiday theme. Originally scheduled to be released on HBO Max on Dec. 22, the prequel was deep into production when it was suddenly canceled in August as part of an effort at Warner Bros. Discovery to cut costs across the board.

The film was not the only big project to be canceled even with progress nearly complete. The superhero movie Batgirl had already been filmed and was having test screenings when it was announced that its release was canceled. It was a decision that comes as part of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s new business strategy of focusing on theatrical releases over streaming content. Because the axed movies are being used as tax write-offs, they cannot be officially released unless the studio hypothetically pays back that money to the government.


Even so, Cervone and the filmmakers were determined to complete what they’d started, even if the footage were to never see the light of day. Taking to Instagram, the director announced that post-production has officially been completed on the movie. If not for Scoob! Holiday Haunt getting its release pulled, the film would not be totally ready for its planned streaming debut on HBO Max next month. For his part, Cervone hasn’t given up hope of that happening.

Scoob! Holiday Haunt Is a Fully Finished Film

Including an image of the official title for the prequel, Cervone posted the following message on Instagram:

“Well, we finished this thing today. A bittersweet conclusion for sure. I really hope you get a chance to see it somehow. It’s a good one. I want to congratulate the directors Michael Kurinsky and Bill Haller for doing an outstanding job. They understand the characters, comedy and spooky thrills so well. Thanks to Paul Dini for writing it with me. Thanks to Mitchell Ferm for producing it with me. Thanks to our head of story John Dusenberry and our Director of Layout Stephen Childers, and to Terry Han for keeping me somewhat on time. And thank you to our wonderful, wonderful gang – Iain Armitage, McKenna Grace, Ariana Greenblatt, Pierce Gagnon and the one and only Frank Welker. Every minute with you was a pleasure.”

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According to a synopsis that was previously released, the movie is a prequel that shows a younger Scooby-Doo celebrating his first Christmas with a 10-year-old Shaggy at Fred’s Uncle Ned’s holiday resort. Of course, while there, they encounter a ghostly mystery that needs to be solved, all the while showing a certain pup named Scooby-Doo the true meaning of Christmas. Who knows, maybe with the holiday spirit as a part of the film, a miracle will happen, resulting in an eventual release.