Salem’s Lot Star Teases Lingering Terror to Come in New Stephen King Adaptation

Bringing a Stephen King story to screen is a daunting task in itself, but when doing it with one that has already been adapted multiple times, the pressure is doubled. That is how Lewis Pullman feels about starring in Gary Dauberman’s new big-screen version of Salem’s Lot. While this will be the first time King’s sophomore novel has been done on a movie budget, it has been done twice before in a pair of two-part TV mini-series, and that casts a long shadow over the production. Pullman believes that despite that, the new movie brings new terror to the story of a small town with a vampire problem.


Salem’s Lot is one of the movies to have been impacted by recent changes at Warner Bros. Discovery, with the film being set to release last year and then being moved to 2023 before being removed from the WBD slate entirely with their last round of delays. Following the cancelation of completed movies such as Batgirl, this has left fans with a bad feeling about ever getting to see the new take on King’s classic story. If it does get released, Pullman has teased a lasting terror for audiences. He told

“It’s a scary thing doing these remakes, man. It’s like, this and [Top Gun: Maverick], there’s such pressure, it’s a hard concoction to conjure up to make it successful, but Gary Dauberman, the director, is really keen on doing justice to the book. But also, the previous adaptation was a two-parter, because it’s such a hefty book and there are so many different moving parts and so many characters. So there are some parts where Gary had to press and find what was really at the heart of the movie to keep in, but for the most part, he’s really true to the book and keeping a lot of the original dialogue in there. He’s a Stephen King hound dog so he doesn’t wanna do Stephen dirty.

“So I think it’s in good hands, Gary’s a really smart guy who has a keen eye for things. I think, not just lean on the jump scares, but lean on the more conceptual and visual things that, rather than a shock that fades out of your body in the next five minutes, something that’s more visual, like an imprint that burnt into your retinas as a disturbing image that you’ll wake up in the middle of the night that you can’t shake out of your head.”

When Will Salem’s Lot Be Released?


That is a question that no one seems to know the answer to. With so many changes impacting some big releases at Warner Bros. Discovery, it is hard to predict how their future releases will pan out. While most of the movies delayed by the studio have had their fate sealed one way or the other, Salem’s Lot is one that still remains up in the air for now.

Currently, there are several other Stephen King projects in the works for fans to look forward to in the next few years, such as adaptations of his latest novels Billy Summers and Fairy Tale, while the long-awaited series based on The Talisman seems to now be on solid ground with The Duffer Brothers at Netflix. In addition to this, Mike Flanagan has recently spoken again of his desire to attempt to bring The Dark Tower novels to life in a magnum opus of his own, and there is no doubt that is something fans would love to see happen after the disappointing movie version of King’s epic saga.