Robert Patrick Says James Gunn is the Kind of Director He Likes to Work With

Robert Patrick has worked with several great filmmakers throughout his career, however, the veteran actor says that James Gunn’s directing style may be his favorite. The pair worked together on the HBO Max original show Peacemaker, a spinoff series to the 2021 DC film, The Suicide Squad.

Patrick plays Auggie Smith, aka White Dragon, in the series. He’s the father to Peacemaker, played by John Cena, the show’s lead. He’s a tough man to please during his introductory scene, and Cena seems to want nothing more than his father’s approval at the start of the series. During an interview with Inside of You, Patrick talks with Michael Rosenbaum about this particular scene and his admiration for Gunn.


“Let me tell you something about James Gunn, if I may. Cause I love the guy. First day I worked with him, It’s me and John, we got two scenes in the kitchen. Big scenes. I’m prepared. John’s prepared. There is no question it’s just this, ‘Alright lets shoot the rehearsal.’ We shot the rehearsal. Now that’s the f*****g kind of director I like.”

It appears Patrick takes a no-nonsense approach to his work and doesn’t believe in any outlandish acting methods to get him through a scene. He’s all business when it comes time to shoot and certainly appreciated Gunn’s like-minded approach. A second season of the hit HBO Max series is in the works, although there are few details regarding Peacemaker season 2. Expect to see John Cena back in his superhero tights sometime in 2023 or early 2024.

James Gunn Passed on Patrick’s Audition for Slither.

Before James Gunn was known for his work in the superhero genre with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, the filmmaker tried his hand at the horror/comedy genre. Slither released in 2006, following a small town that gets taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and mutant monsters. The film was a box office flop but received generally favorable reviews amongst audiences and critics.

Robert Patrick auditioned for a lead role, eventually given to Michael Rooker, however, the actor said Gunn let him down in the nicest of ways. During the Inside of You interview, Patrick reflected on his first audition for the celebrated director.

“James [Gunn] and I were trying to figure out where we met. When we were doing Peacemaker he alluded to the fact that possibly I had read for him for Slither. And he gave it to Rooker cause, James and his inevitable way of making you feel good, he said something off-hand like ‘I think you were too good-looking.’ It was the sweet thing to say.”

Rooker has yet to comment on the statement, as he might not feel as happy about Gunn’s personal looks qualifications. However, fans can hope to see more collaborations between Patrick and Gunn, as both are experts at their craft and deliver superb scenes when the pair works together.