Rob Zombie Says Rebooting Halloween Burnt Him Out on the Series, Hasn’t Watched the New Films

Don’t ask Rob Zombie for his opinion on the latest Halloween films because the horror filmmaker hasn’t been able to watch any of them. Before Jamie Lee Curtis returned to kick off a new trilogy of Halloween films at Blumhouse in 2018, it was Zombie who’d last had a crack at rebooting the popular horror franchise. He remade the original film in 2007 followed by a sequel, Halloween II, which was released i 2009. That film had a pretty definitive ending as Zombie sought to conclude his story with two movies, opting not to go the trilogy route.

Even with more than a decade passing since Zombie was involved with the series, he just hasn’t been quite as interested in Michael Myers since the release of Halloween II. In recent days, Zombie has been sharing some Halloween memes on social media, entertained by fans bringing his films back up in response to the negative reception to Halloween Ends. However, he makes it clear that he hasn’t actually watched the Blumhouse movies and doesn’t have an opinion on them one way or the other, as he just hasn’t looked back at Halloween since parting ways with the franchise.


“I have been getting bombarded with these and it just keeps on getting funnier and funnier,” Zombie says of one meme of a horror fan now praising his movies after bashing them a decade ago.

He adds, “FYI – I have no opinion on the new films. I haven’t seen them yet. My experience with making my films was so insane it really burnt me out on Halloween. Sad but true. I just think the internet is hilarious.”

Rob Zombie Is Finished With Halloween

Rob Zombie’s Halloween certainly had its detractors, though many fans have come around to appreciating his installments of the series in more recent years. The film was also a big hit at the box office, holding the opening weekend record for the Labor Day holiday for 14 years before the superhero feature Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings dethroned it last year. Zombie acknowledged the situation at the time, noting how proud he was to have held the record for that long.

“It took 14 years but it finally happened! Big Mike was knocked out of the top spot by a Kung-Fu Master. 14 years is a pretty good run,” the filmmaker said at the time with a post on Instagram.

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These days, Zombie has switched his focus to rebooting another classic title. He recently released The Munsters, a new movie reimagining the monster family from the classic sitcom. It is the first PG-rated movie from Zombie and is far unlike the violent and vulgar content seen in movies like his Halloween films. You can find it streaming on Netflix.