Resident Evil Season 2 Will ‘100 Percent’ Feature Major Video Game Character

Netflix’s latest addition to the Resident Evil franchise arrived on the platform this week in the form of an eight episode series that re-imagines the popular game franchise. Starring Lance Riddick, Tamara Smart and Siena Agudong, the new series combines classic Resident Evil lore with a new story and has given the franchise one of its best critical scores for many years. Now, after the revelations of the season finale, which is appropriately called Revelations, showrunner Andrew Dabb has confirmed that season 2 will feature a major character from the video games; Ada Wong.

For many years, Resident Evil has been known as the movie series starring Milla Jovovich, and while the saga managed to make a decent amount of money at the box office its story lay too far from the original video games to keep all fans happy, and maintained a low critic rating across all six movies with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter bringing in a franchise peak of a 37% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Last year’s reboot, Welcome To Racoon City, delivered a more faithful adaptation but still fared badly.


Netflix’s Resident Evil series has pulled in many elements of the early games in the series, and Dabb has already said that it will continue to take cues from the more recent additions to the franchise, providing Netflix allow them to continue on long enough. When it comes to season 2 though, the writer told ScreenRant that Resident Evil 2 game character Ada Wong will “100%” be turning up in the next season.

Resident Evil Has Won With Critics, But Not Audiences


Although a number of recent video game franchises have made a successful jump to the small and big screen, from Uncharted to Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil has always struggled to hit the mark despite the video games having a huge following and being increasingly popular with each addition.

So far, the Resident Evil series has managed to land a 62% approval rate from critics, which is double most of the movie releases tied to the franchise, but its audience rating is languishing around 26%. Netflix has not been known to give much rope to shows and movies that don’t manage to deliver big results. With many other series having been canceled after just one season, despite Dabb having plenty of plans for a continuation of the Resident Evil story, there has been no official green light given yet, so it might be not worth getting too attached to the show just yet.

With a lot of game lore to incorporate, Resident Evil is a series that has plenty of source material to play with if it gets the chance, and if Ada is on the cards to appear in the second season, that could also mean that another Resident Evil 2 character could also be joining her in the form of Leon S. Kennedy, one of the main protagonists of the game. For now, the first season of Resident Evil is available in its entirety on Netflix.