Ray Fisher Slams ‘Hit Piece’ Alleging He Conspired With Zack Snyder Against Warner Bros

Zack Snyder and Ray Fisher are in the news again, and it’s not all because of the Justice League Snyder Cut’s digital release. An explosive report by Rolling Stone is making the rounds on the internet and alleges that Snyder bullied Warner Bros. into approving his 2021 director’s cut of Justice League. The report also states that Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in the movie, made accusations of abuse and racism against WB execs at Zack Snyder’s behest.

In a series of tweets, Fisher blasted the report as a “contrived hit piece.” The Justice League star even resorted to personal attacks against the writer Tatiana Segel, calling her a “waning reporter” who was still “butt-hurt” over a 2021 article about Kiersey Clemons’ The Flash casting that Fisher claims peddled false news as well.


“Exclusive: Waning reporter (@TatianaSiegel27) fails to overshadow digital release of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ with contrived hit piece—Warner Bros. mourns. Sources say reporter still butt hurt after being called out on lies in 2021.”

“@RollingStone and @TatianaSiegel27 need to amend this article immediately! Neither myself, nor anyone on my team, EVER ‘declined to comment to Rolling Stone.’ Furthermore, this type of rumor-mill reporting is offensive, dangerous, and willfully evasive of fact.”

About the part where Fisher says he didn’t “declined to comment,” Rolling Stone editor-in-chief Noah Schactman responded with screenshots of the emails sent to him, but Fisher countered with his own screenshots showing discrepancies in deadlines. However, Fisher didn’t offer any proof that he actually told his side of the story either.

Rolling Stone Questions The Timing Of Ray Fisher’s Tweets Against WB Executives

Ray Fisher accused Joss Whedon, who reshot most of Justice League after Snyder’s exit, of being abusive on set. Gal Gadot echoed Fisher’s claims, revealing that Whedon threatened her career. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Irons also recall having a terrible time filming Justice League, although they didn’t mention Whedon.

Fisher went a step further and accused senior WB execs and producers Toby Emmerich, Jon Berg, and Geoff Johns of enabling Whedon and engaging in blatantly racist conversations. These allegations prompted an external investigation against WB, which found no evidence of racist conduct and cleared Emmerich, Berg, and Johns of any wrongdoing, all of whom were in Snyder’s crosshairs. Fisher also referred to Walter Hamada, president of DC Films since 2018, as “the most dangerous kind of enabler,” accusing him of interfering in the investigation despite having nothing to do with Justice League.

And coming to the part of the report that Fisher is unhappy about, it reads:

“Nearly all of the insiders interviewed by Rolling Stone say they believe Fisher and Snyder were working in tandem, based on Fisher’s tweets coming directly on the heels of Snyder’s behind-the-scenes demands.”

But to be clear, the article doesn’t say that Fisher was lying, just that his timing was suspect. Most of Fisher’s tweets came when Snyder was having trouble with WB execs or if he needed some leverage while negotiating. Snyder calls the allegations “totally untrue.”

Justice League and the 2021 Snyder Cut both turned out to be financial and PR nightmares for WB, and as a result, the Snyderverse has been officially scrapped. Snyder, who’s been working with WB since 300, has moved base to Netflix, where he’s developing his dream project, Rebel Moon. Ray Fisher will also reunite with Zack Snyder on the sci-fi epic.