Prime Video Reveals First Look at Fallout TV Series

The Fallout franchise is celebrating 25 years of success, and Prime Video is joining in the festivities. The popular streamer will be the home of the television adaptation of Fallout, as fans eagerly anticipate any news regarding a potential release date or trailer.

Fallout is set in a nuclear wasteland following a series of atomic bombs that were dropped on the U.S. in the year 2077. Before the devastation, humanity was excellent with technology in the 1950s, far surpassing the feats reached within our timeline. What followed was a persistence of the 50s style and an ever-present threat of nuclear war. Many citizens either chose or were forced into bomb shelters known as “vaults,” which kept inhabitants safe during the worst years of the wasteland. Still, once the people began to leave their relatively safe homes, they were introduced to the mutated animals, insects, and humans that would present an immediate danger.


Interplay Entertainment initially created the series as a top-down role-playing game before Bethesda Softworks reinvented the formula with a fully 3D world and an emphasis on the action side of the genre. Now, Prime Video will deliver a fully realized television adaption of the game, though plot details are scarce at this point. However, fans received a treat on Fallout’s 25th birthday, with the streaming service providing a first look at the series, found below.

The first glimpse shows the inhabitants as the vault door opens, a moment often associated with the immense freedom given to players at the start of the games. We also learn that some characters in the series will be from Vault 33, an area primarily unexplored in the lore thus far. A release date has yet to be announced for the series, although filming began earlier this summer. Fans can expect the post-apocalyptic Fallout show to arrive sometime in 2023 or 2024.

The Fallout Sets Look Accurate

Bethesda Softworks

Creating a world set in a nuclear wasteland is no easy task, but the studio and money behind Prime Video should be able to pull it off. The streaming service has spent the last few years bringing the world of Middle-earth to life for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and they should be able to do something similar for another beloved franchise.

Earlier this year, multiple images from the set were revealed on social media, with some signs pointing to an additional Vault 32 featured in the series. The photos from @TKsMantis and @80Level can be seen below.

Fallout features a stellar cast, including Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, Mike Doyle, and Kyle MacLachlan. Jonathan Nolan is writing and directing, with plenty of experience in the industry as he helped write the screenplay for Interstellar, The Dark Knight, and The Prestige, in addition to creating the popular HBO hit Westworld. Audiences will patiently await a trailer for Fallout, which could be released anytime next year. Until then, fans can immerse themselves in the extremely popular, award-winning video game series.