Primal Season 2: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

Primal season 2 is coming soon, releasing on Adult Swim and HBO Max this summer. Primal is an award-winning, silent, violent animated television series created and directed by Genndy Tartakovsky.

Tartakovsky is an animation veteran known for creating various highly acclaimed animated television series on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. His other known works included Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. But his most celebrated creation was the epic animated series Samurai Jack, which tells the tale of a samurai who travels through time to defeat a terrible evil. He has also worked on Stars Wars: Clone Wars, Sym-Bionic Titan, and now, Primal. All of us who have grown up watching cartoons back in the 1990s or 2000s on the Cartoon Network recognize his work. If you loved his shows as a kid, you should most certainly watch this unique project that’s explicitly designed with adults in mind.


The logline for Primal tells you everything you need to know: “a caveman and a dinosaur bond over shared tragedy and work together to survive in a perilous prehistoric world.” The caveman is named Spear, and the dinosaur is named Fang. It beautifully focuses on the bond forged between them as they both undergo massive tragedies. Yet they always manage to find companionship within one another. Together they set out into the desolate, dangerous landscape, withstanding all sorts of dangers stretching from hyper-violent apes to bloodthirsty wolves.

Here is everything we know so far about Primal season 2!

Updated July 9, 2022, by Ted Bajer: If you’re looking for more info on the second season of Primal, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve updated this article with a release date and the season 2 trailer.

Primal Season 2: The Plot

At the end of season 1, we see our two protagonists — Spear, a caveman, and Fang, a female Tyrannosaurus — running into a cavewoman named Mira, who has been abducted by a mysterious ship. They aim to find her, but it’s too late. Considering how the finale left off, season 2 may be about searching for Mira.

Primal Season 2: The Cast

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Since Primal is a silent animated series, you won’t find much dialogue. Just some occasional grunts and roars. Hence, they aren’t too many voice actors in it. Aaron LaPlante voices Spear. Mira is voiced by Laetitia Eido-Mollon. There has been no official news about any new cast members joining. But since the season ended with dialogue being introduced for the first time, this season may have more cast.

Release Date

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Season one of Primal was divided into two segments. The first episode of Primal season 1 premiered on October 8, 2019, and the season consisted of a total of ten episodes. The first half aired daily for a week. And the second half aired starting on October 4, 2020. But even before the second batch would come out, Adult Swim had announced that there would be a renewal.

* While the Television Critic’s Association had made an announcement for a release window during their Winter Virtual Press Tour, we now have a precise release date: July 21, 2022. It will premiere at midnight on Adult Swim and land on HBO Max the following day. The information came the same day as the season 2 trailer dropped. Although it isn’t clear yet whether the show will be released in halves, Tartakovsky has confirmed the same number of episodes. But even if it does come out in halves, you’ll find every episode well worth the wait

Everything Else We Know

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Primal is one of Adult Swim’s most exciting projects. The show has won five Emmys, one for Outstanding Animated Program and four more in the Juried category of Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. The series also won a Primetime Emmy Award 2021 for Outstanding Animated Program. The show has a large fan base and is highly praised by critics.

According to Tartakovsky, he created Primal long ago but scrapped it as he did not feel any connection with it at that time. The show is much more gory and gruesome than his previous works; however, it has the same traits. The animation style is quite similar. He was known for creating episodes of Samurai Jack that relied on very little dialogue or communication through animation. He was known for using blind or silent characters, forcing the audience to concentrate on listening. With Primal, you won’t find much dialogue, either.

*The second season of the award-winning animated series will be released on HBOMax and late night on Adult Swim. But if you want to rewatch the first season to prepare for the premiere, you can see it on DirecTV, Spectrum On Demand, HBOMax, and Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block Adult Swim.