Paul Dano Would Love to Return for The Batman Sequel With Barry Keoghan

One of the biggest surprises about The Batman was Barry Keoghan’s Joker. In the film, Joker, a patient at Arkham, talks to the new inmate, Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler, as the latter cries upon failure of his master plan. In his clever and cunning manner, Joker offers a hand of friendship to Riddler. Then they both share a laugh over the thought of a defeated, or rather, dead Batman.

The meet-up was clearly a tease about a possible team-up between these two Batman nemeses in a possible sequel. Now, Paul Dano has shared his personal interest in reprising his role alongside Keoghan in a potential follow-up.

At SDCC, while promoting his upcoming Riddler: Year One prequel comic book series, Dano talked to IGN about such a possibility. Joshua Yehl of IGN asked Dano if the Academy Award-nominated actor would like to revisit the character and explore the future of the team-up now that the two characters have met. Dano replied,


I’ve been spending the past year writing this comic [Riddler: Year One] because I loved so much our film, Gotham, Batman, all of it – so you know, if they call me, I’ll show up, yeah! It’d be pretty fun to get in there with another good actor like Barry.

Paul Dano also revealed illustrations of the first edition of his comic book series. The comic book has brought Dano closer to his character Matt Reeves’ Bat-Verse. The comic book will act as a prequel to the film and focus more on Edward Nashton in an “emotional horror story.”

Paul Dano isn’t Fixated on a Batman Sequel

Warner Bros.

While Dano is interested in teaming up with Barry, he isn’t looking straight at that. Reeves has earlier revealed that he never intended The Batman to offer any apparent reference to the sequel, nor does the final sequence featuring Joker mean that the character would be in the next film.

And Paul Dano’s response shows that the sequel can go in any direction. He added,

I haven’t really dared to dream about what we might explore, one because it’s; frankly, it’s out of my hands. But two, because I’ve been daydreaming about this comic for the past year or so.

The Batman 2 with Joker has made much sense since Matt Reeves released the deleted scene featuring the character. That scene explored how Batman and Joker already share a relationship, which could further expand their enmity in a sequel. However, Dano said there is no clue where Reeves will take the story next or if Riddler will be in the film. And it’s better not to assume theories about the newfound bond that Joker and Riddler have established.

The Batman 2 is in the works at Warner Bros., with the whole production team returning, including director Matt Reeves and the lead cast. The Batman is planned to expand into a trilogy. It will also share continuity with two limited HBO Max series, Penguin and Arkham Asylum. Penguin will go on floors next February with Colin Farrell returning to the role. Furthermore, Paul Dano’s Riddler: Year One #1 will go on sale on October 25.