Paramount Releases Top Gun: Maverick’s Unseen Great Balls of Fire Performance

Top Gun: Maverick has many reasons for its popularity with fans, from the emotionally balanced script to the return of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer’s original characters, and a healthy dose of nostalgia that everyone loves a piece of. However, one other thing that Top Gun: Maverick carries over from the original 1986 movie is a huge sense of camaraderie, and there is nothing that suggests that more than a group of friends having a good old sing-along. In the movie, Rooster, the son of Top Gun pilot Goose, leads a group in a rendition of Great Balls of Fire, but while the performance is only seen as a snippet in the movie, the full performance has now been released as an official video.


Paramount Pictures released a press statement to go with the performance video, celebrating the movie’s box office achievement and reminding everyone that the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack hasn’t been doing too badly in the charts either. The statement reads:

“Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster film Top Gun: Maverick, produced by and starring Tom Cruise, continues to dominate the global box office and is currently the top-grossing domestic film of 2022. In the film, Rooster, portrayed by Miles Teller, sits at a piano singing a bit of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ while Maverick reminisces of the time he and Goose played the same song in the original film. Now you can see never-before-released footage of Miles Teller’s character leading a piano singalong of ‘Great Balls of Fire’ in a packed bar.

“Miles Teller’s version of ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ is just one of the songs featured on Music From The Motion Picture Top Gun: Maverick. Released May 27th via Interscope Records, Music From The Motion Picture Top Gun: Maverick had the highest debut of a soundtrack in over a year bowing at number 17 on the Billboard Top 200 debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales and Soundtrack Charts alongside the film’s blockbuster opening weekend. The success of the soundtrack has been bolstered by brand-new songs ‘Hold My Hand’ by Lady Gaga and ‘I Ain’t Worried’ by OneRepublic, both of which are featured in the film and on the soundtrack.”

Top Gun: Maverick Has Been Worth the Long Wait


As if waiting over three decades wasn’t enough, the Covid pandemic forced fans of Tom Cruise’s cock-sure pilot to wait another two years longer than originally envisioned to see Maverick doing what he does best. While that could have been a bad sign, and interest in the film could have waned following its numerous rescheduling issues, the opposite seems to have become clearly true. Absence has made the heart grow fonder and Top Gun: Maverick has now become the highest-grossing domestic movie of the year and could well overtake Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at the top of the worldwide box office chart too. It will have some stiff competition to come to remain “Top Gun” of the charts, though, with Jurassic World: Dominion roaring up to fifth place after just a week on release and Thor: Love and Thunder arriving in a few weeks. The battle of summer supremacy starts now.