No Time To Die Star Says There is No Need For a Woman to ‘Steal’ The James Bond Character

While James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has made it perfectly clear that the character of James Bond will not get getting gender-swapped in the future, No Time To Die star Ana de Armas has given her opinion on the future of the superspy. While there are still those who are calling for the role of Bond to be given to a female, de Armas is firmly against the idea, and says there is no need for the character to be “stolen.”

Over the last decade, there have been many franchise fan bases split over decisions about the gender changes of iconic, predominantly male character casting. From Doctor Who making The Doctor female for the first time in the show’s near 60-year history to the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot replacing the original male team with a female one, the backlash of gender-swapping has been an ongoing feature of social media. James Bond is another character whose future as a male character has been called into question on a number of occasions, but Barbara Broccoli said in 2018, “James Bond can be of any color, but he is male. I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that.”


This is a line that de Armas, who starred alongside Daniel Craig in his final outing as Bond, is fully on board with. In an interview with The Sun, the actress would be happy to see females have dominant roles in the Bond franchise, but not as Bond. She said:

“There’s no need for a female Bond. There shouldn’t be any need to steal someone else’s character, you know, to take over. This is a novel, and it leads into this James Bond world and this fantasy of that universe where he’s at. What I would like is that the female roles in the Bond films, even though Bond will continue to be a man, are brought to life in a different way. That they’re given a more substantial part and recognition. That’s what I think is more interesting than flipping things.”

Ana de Armas Gained a Lot of Attention From Her No Time To Die Role

While Bond girls have always been a feature of the franchise, recent years have seen them develop into more than just a throwaway conquest of the smooth superspy. Throughout Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond, his female counterparts have been strong, able, and more than a match for the main man.

In No Time To Die, de Armas appears as CIA agent Paloma, a character that became an instant hit with fans. In addition to this, the movie also saw the return of Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann, and Lashana Lynch as a new 007 agent who took over Bond’s number while he was in retirement. With so many strong original female characters appearing in the franchise, it is no wonder that de Armas believes it would be foolish to simply “steal” the character of Bond rather than continue that trend.

Having finally had the chance to prove herself in No Time To Die after its numerous Covid delays, de Armas is in demand right now, appearing in The Gray Man on Netflix with Ryan Gosling, and taking on lead roles as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde and in Ballerina, a spinoff from the John Wick series. However, with the Bond series not being known for diverting into spin-off territory, seeing a Paloma movie in the future seems currently unlikely.