Netflix’s The Sandman Lands a Fresh Rating as Series Arrives Like a Dream

Netflix’s The Sandman arrived on Friday and immediately delivered pretty much everything it promised to fans and has landed itself a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The epic fantasy based on the comics of Neil Gaiman has been a long time coming, being an ambitious and sweeping visual feast that required a combination of the right actors and production team, and current technology to be able to deliver in a meaningful and pleasing way for both fans of the source material and those who are only being introduced to the world of The Sandman.

For anyone who has read any of Gaiman’s Sandman stories, there is no doubt that transferring the meandering tales of almost mythological environments, mystical beings and interconnecting characters has not been an easy task by any stretch, and the fact that the series seems to have pulled it off is being noted in many reviews. Unlike many adaptations of popular works, The Sandman seems to be a rare show that has managed to please fans, non-fans and critics alike. The series is currently sitting on a 84% critic approval rating and 88% audience rating.


The Sandman pulls from two stories in particular from the Sandman series, Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House, but as you would expect there have been some changes made to the live-action series. Yet despite this the show has managed to still be extremely faithful to Gaiman’s stories and that is something that has countered the initial gripes from some people on social media around certain casting choices.

The Sandman Has A Diverse Cast of Actors


Neil Gaiman has been quite active in defending the casting of The Sandman against those who took some kind of offense at the likes of Gwendoline Christie landing the role of Lucifer and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death. Although he acknowledged that he knows it is usually better to ignore troll comments online, it has been hard to do considering the effort that has gone into the show. He previously said:

“I know the rule is you’re meant to ignore the trolls and not feed the trolls. But I would look at people sounding off on Sandman who were obviously not Sandman fans. What I would watch would be 60,000 Sandman fans going, ‘Of course you’re doing it this way. Of course you have a non-binary Desire, Desire was always non-binary, that’s brilliant casting.’ Or ‘Gwendoline as Lucifer, what amazing casting.’ And then you’d get five or six people trying to make a lot of fuss who never read Sandman in the first place. And I mostly decided I was done with it. Occasionally I do feel like I’m taking an enormous sledgehammer to squash the tiniest ants, and you really shouldn’t,” he said. “But then again, they can be really irritating sometimes, and I’m proud of what we made.”

All episodes of The Sandman season 1 are available now on Netflix, and already has fans hoping that Netflix will proceed with a second season.