Netflix’s God’s Favorite Idiot: Burning Questions We Have for Season 1, Part 2

Religion, romance, workplace comedy, and the apocalypse. You wouldn’t typically think one television show could feature all these elements, but Netflix’s God’s Favorite Idiot blends them together to great success. Real-life spouses and frequent collaborators Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s chemistry shines against the bleak backdrop of the incoming apocalypse.

The series’s first season is set to contain 16 episodes, 8 of which have already aired. In the first half, Falcone’s Clark discovered that he was chosen by God to share his message and prevent Satan from bringing on the apocalypse. His love interest Amily, played by McCarthy with her usual full commitment, was right by his side the entire way.


While the first half concentrated on Clark trying to understand his role in God’s plan, the second half has the chance to expand the lore and dive into more complex stories. Now that Clark has some idea of what he has to do, how will he act on it? Can he use his new abilities to save the world? Here is how the series could address that and answer these other burning questions in the second half of season one.

What is Clark’s Mission?


The first few episodes were devoted to setup, with Clark, Amily, and their co-workers trying to understand what being a “messenger from God” entailed. After run-ins with angels and Leslie Bibb’s Satan, Clark and others started to understand that he did have a divine purpose, though what exactly he’s supposed to do remained unclear. The intention is likely for Clark to discover his purpose along the way, and he begins to accept this by the mid-season finale.

The second half should be focused on Clark understanding his mission and gaining control over his new powers, such as the “glowing” that kick-started his entire journey. Spoiler alert, Satan is here in the finale, as are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so time is definitely not on the main characters’ sides. Clark has no choice but to learn his mission now, which gives an effective “ticking clock” working against the protagonist.

We expect that Clark will ultimately know the right thing to do and stop the apocalypse. Otherwise, the entire show would have been meaningless. What we don’t know is how he will ultimately find his purpose, which is what should be extensively explored in the second batch of episodes.

What Is the Future of Clark and Amily’s Relationship?


As mentioned, Clark is not alone in his journey. He has his reliable, sort-of girlfriend, Amily. She was the first to see Clark glow, and she tried to convince their other co-workers of what she saw. As the truth about what was happening with Clark came out, she stuck by his side. Even when protestors, apocalyptic Horsemen, and Satan herself invaded their lives, Amily did not leave Clark alone. That is quite a commitment from someone who barely spoke to him before everything went down.

Of course, McCarthy and Falcone have natural chemistry as spouses, which translates into a strong onscreen dynamic. Audiences can root for them as their connection grows from co-workers to friends, romantic partners, and finally to a real relationship. Clark faced circumstances that no one in the modern world ever had to face, so he deserves to have someone by his side who will support him through it all. Amily is clearly the best person for the job.

When we last saw the two, they were escaping their hometown and Satan’s reign of terror together. In the second half, will we see their bond continue to grow as they take on literally the entire world together? We hope so.

Is Tom Really ‘Tom the Baptist?’


Besides Clark and Amily, the show also follows their co-workers, Mohsin (Usman Ally), Wendy (Ana Scotney), Tom (Chris Sandiford), and their boss, the less-than-competent angel Frisbee (Steve Mallory). They supported Clark in his mission and were always ready to help out. Tom was more eager than the others to do absolutely whatever it took, such as standing watch outside Clark’s father’s (Kevin Dunn) hospital room with a sword to guard against Satan.

Tom’s over-excitability led to his ridicule by the other characters, most often Amily. In reality, that just showed how devoted he was to Clark and his cause, and anyone would be lucky to have someone as committed as Tom if they were in the same situation.

In addition, Clark might not be the only one in the group with divine powers. When Clark’s father is unconscious in the hospital bed after his attack by Satan, Tom is the most distraught after Clark. He cries over the bed and lets one tear fall on Clark’s father, which immediately wakes him up from his coma. Could Tom also have some kind of healing powers from God? Was it simply lucky timing? Is Tom, as he professed, “Tom the Baptist?” In any instance, it’s clear there is much more to Tom than just the annoying, over-hyper friend. He has some secrets, and maybe he could use his potential powers to fight alongside Clark in God’s Favorite Idiot’s second half of the season.