Netflix Unveils Two New Clips of The Dragon Prince at SDCC

In early June, Netflix unveiled a teaser for the long-awaited next chapter of The Dragon Prince. The teaser, titled The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos, gave little insight to what was in store. Over the San Diego Comic-Con weekend, however, audiences were treated to not one, but two new clips to give us a bit of a taste of what’s in store! Let’s take a look at the first clip and synopsis.

Two years have passed since the Battle of the Storm Spire. Claudia, under the guidance of Aaravos, has successfully resurrected her father, Viren. Meanwhile, Callum—now the High Mage of Katolis—contemplates an ancient relic discovered in his predecessor’s chambers.

The first teaser picks up right where the last season left off. Viren awakens in an unknown location, resurrected from the dead by his daughter, Claudia. Claudia tells him that his “creepy caterpillar friend” had spun itself into a large cocoon. Claudia reaffirms to her father that two years have passed since the climactic battle at the Storm Spire. We then see the chapter title, Book 4: Earth, Chapter 1: Rebirthday.


The camera fades into the castle of Katolis, and we get to see the first of our old friends. Callum, has grown a bit in the past two years, and is now sporting the title of high mage. He’s studying the magic mirror that once held Aaravos in the previous seasons, until a guard interrupts him. We learn that some things never change, Callum may be grown a bit, but he’s still as awkward as ever. This is where the clip ends, onto the next!

Following their dramatic reunion, Claudia introduces Viren to the energetic and empathetic Earthblood elf, Terry…who also happens to be her new boyfriend.

This clip brings us back to Viren and Claudia, but it’s of a less sinister tone! Claudia lets us know that she hasn’t spent all those two years in the cave. Turns out she’s been out and about and has gained a boyfriend in the process. The new character is the charismatic earth elf, Terry (voiced by Benjamin Callins). Viren doesn’t seem to be impressed by the newcomer, but Claudia and Terry both seem to be equally oblivious to his standoffishness.

What’s Next for Xadia?


While the clips in question still leave a lot of plot points up in the air, there’s still quite a few notes to ponder on thanks to these clips. For one thing, Callum and Ezra have clearly been busy since the battle of Storm Spire. After learning of his father’s passing in Book 2: Sky, young prince Ezran takes the throne as king, going down a separate arc back home while Callum and Rayla return the dragon prince Zym to his mother. Eventually, he reunites with his brother and friends again at the battle of Storm Spire to see Zym reunite with his mother.

Since the return of Zym, and peace established between elves and humans, there are bound to be some bumps in the process. Viren and Claudia are clear examples of this. While some humans are ready to establish a new friendship with the elves, others aren’t so ready. Perhaps, that will be Rayla’s new role in this season and why we haven’t seen her or Ezran just yet. It’s probably a safe prediction that the struggles of shaking off already established prejudices will be a theme in the next chapter of The Dragon Prince, and perhaps Aaravos’s awakening will be what truly brings them all together.