Netflix Reveals First Look at The Cuphead Show Season 2

The boys are back! The Cuphead Show continues with new episodes on Netflix August 19th! The trailer can be viewed below.

Based on the award-winning video game, Cuphead, The Cuphead Show follows the adventures of the scamp bothers Cuphead and Mugman as they get themselves in and out of all kinds of shenanigans. The game’s creators, Chad and Jared Moldenhaur, serve as the show’s executive producers along with Wasson and CJ Kettler from King Features Syndicate. Cosmo Segurson is credited as co-executive producer of the series. The show starts Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro as Cuphead and Mugman, with Joe Hanna as Pa Kettle, the father figure of the boys. Alongside them is Luke Millington-Drake as the Devil and Grey Griffin as the newly introduced Ms. Chalice.


While the show is based on the game of the same name, the show branches off a tad in terms of plot, but in a way that makes it more faithful to the classic cartoons it draws inspiration from. This show is an animation fan’s dream come true! The plot of Cuphead, the titular character makes a deal with the Devil after losing a game at the Devil’s casino.

The character must then make his way through the various levels in order to retrieve the souls of runaway debtors in order to pay back his losses. Meanwhile, the show is a bit more grounded and focused on humor. As the boys come up with clever schemes involving ice cream and skipping out on chores, the Devil tries again and again to make off with Cuphead’s soul.

A Blast From Cartoon’s Past!

The Cuphead Show

From its visuals to its music, from its gags to its backgrounds, both Cuphead and The Cuphead Show is a great throwback to the rubber hose cartoons of the 30’s! The show goes the extra mile to bring on Easter eggs and references of all kinds to the cartoons of both Disney, Warner Brothers, and especially Fleischer studios! Backgrounds will be painted in the same detailed style, the colors are similarly saturated, the soundtrack is bubbling with jazz of the era, and even the character’s accents are a throwback to the era as well. The scene involving King Dice (Wayne Brady) and the Devil is even a nod to Max Fleischer’s occasional use of filming a model and animating his characters over the footage, as seen in this Popeye short below, Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor!

The first season of The Cuphead Show ended with the introduction of Ms. Chalice, who ends up being revealed as a bad influence on the boys. After roping the boys along with her own tricks, she ends up leaving them to take the heat and thrown in jail. Season two appears to pick up right where we were left off, with the boys serving some time in jail, then getting themselves out somehow. The three fall under the influence of Chalice again, with the Devil still hungry for their souls. The heat gets turned up as the boys find themselves in even more trouble, with even more cameos from the game along the way! Even if you’ve never played the original game, The Cuphead Show is an absolute delight for audiences. Judging by this trailer, it looks like the laughs will keep on coming!