Netflix Reveal Special Preview of Wednesday’s Opening Title Sequence

Addams Family series Wednesday will be arriving on Netflix on November 23, but Netflix couldn’t resist teasing the highly anticipated series by revealing the opening credits of the show, which includes music by long-time Tim Burton collaborator Danny Elfman. Starring Jenna Ortega in the titular role of the daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams, Wednesday promises a dark and ghoulish return of the Addams Family to a live-action format in a series that seems to be a perfectly pitched Burton project. Check out the opening titles below:

Wednesday will bring a new spin on the spooky family, moving the focus away from parents Gomez and Morticia to follow dour daughter Wednesday as she “navigates her way through this new school, new relationships, but then also she’s dealing with a serious investigation involving serial killers, murderers and monsters.” Throughout the series, Wednesday will be embroiled in a mystery that will have implications for secrets about her own family.


Despite being a series, the general feel of Wednesday is similar to many shows made for streaming in that it has also been described as an “extended Tim Burton movie” by showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. If there was ever a match made in gothic heaven, then indeed, the combination of Burton’s style and the dark humor of the Addams Family is it, and that should lead to another giant Netflix hit. In turn, that could mean that we will be seeing more from the Addams Family in the future.

Will Wednesday Lead to More Addams Family Spin-Offs?

Jenna Ortega/Instagram

Nothing these days comes without the question of whether it can be built into a new franchise. Of course, from its comic-strip origins, the Addams Family is already well-established through cartoons, a classic TV series, live-action movies and recent animated movies. One thing that is clear is that the ooky-kooky family always brings in a good-sized audience, and Wednesday is set to be no exception. When it comes to the possibility of more shows set in the world of Wednesday, the series’ showrunners have already considered some options. They previously said:

“We’ve definitely talked about it, and we talked about it with Netflix. And again, when you create a world like this, the intention is any one of these characters could be the lead in their own show. Certainly, it’s cast that way. You know, when you have Fred Armisen, when you have Catherine Zeta-Jones, when you have Luis Guzman. So that’s certainly something that we’ve discussed and would very much like in success to really kind of branch out this world beyond just Wednesday.”

As well as its new all-star cast including Cathrine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, Gwendoline Christie, Georgie Farmer, Isaac Ordonez and the late announcement of Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester, the series also sees former Wednesday actress Christina Ricci playing a new role, giving fans of the 90s movies a little additional treat.

Wednesday will premiere on Netflix on November 23.